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Is when something goes wrong, how do you fix it and enjoying your v. is really enjoying what you have. Great. Well, what piece levels your Cheinal my point eight to four point five. So most soaps on the market have a peach nine to twelve. So we've created products that are in that same train JR. So what are some of the effects of mixing levels badly? Yeah. I mean, it can really throw things off. Bacteria wise at UT is east infections. I was going with the gut. Yeah, the same. So yeah, I was getting a lot of infections probably because I was using certain soaps at up like peach of nine to twelve. So we actually created a v. bar which is peach of five skins. Mantle has a peach of five, so it really won't cause any irritation down there. So it was almost like the products most products that are on the market are not aligned with what is actually best bar bodies. So this is this is I can. Example of a product that is like, I've also heard from my mom, Mike, I know that we're not really supposed to even clean on the inside, not to get craff it because like vagina cleans itself. And it's just like external that that's totally Madonna is a self cleanser. All of our products are designed for. All of our products are designed for external use only accept like our lubricants and we do have a suppository as well. Okay. How did you go about learning about this? And yeah, it was a long process. I mean, I don't. I never used to read the backs of the products that I was using the ingredients that were in them, which I think is something that women should take the time to do just know what you're putting in your body. You know, there's certain ingredients like glycerine, which is a sugar which may cause used infections and propane glycol, which is derived from petroleum oil that we should keep an eye out for. But it was a lot of research. I did speak with my dad a lot, which was, you know, kind father, daughter, bonding. Good. Say n just really learning, you know what you should be putting into your body versus what you shouldn't. So what was your approach to making the products and like, how did you, what did you decide to put in it? So it was a long process. I would kind of just write down products and like this journal or on a piece of paper products would I want? So I love taking baths on Sundays, but I would get all these UT is from the bubble I was using. I was like, oh, peach, but palace bubble bath. So I would like write that down or I was on my period and I wanted to take a bath. But I, I was like, oh, what about a period ban knows how to write that down. So just a lot of thinking about what I would like with our Spitzer it's a rose rosewater spice. So I used that Mario Badescu rose water spray every morning on my face, and it feels so good. And I wish I had this for my vagina. And that's kind of using are. Do you think some women are more susceptible to these sort of issues? I personally never had. A an issue, but I know that there are people who like get them frequently. Yeah, yeah. I definitely think a lot of women that I've met personally have either gotten like yeast infections or UTI's or both. I think you know, either have luck or you don't. I personally am not a lucky girl. So this is kind of where these products come in, but I definitely think. You know, it's probably a little bit of genetics as well. My mom gets east infections too, so she painted down to me is the whole cranberry juice thing like not a thing or it's not a cranberry is really good for you. So we actually have a pill that helps. It helps prevent urinary tract infections. That's not in this box that you guys are looking out, but it's called the UTM I has demand in cranberry in it. It's really funny. Cranberry juice cocktail..

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