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Did I think? Oh, yeah. They're they're doing black face there. But in this era, everything is this guy goes on he says when the magical nanny played by Julie Andrews, accompanies, her young charges. Michael, gene, banks up the chimney her face gets covered in soot. Well, first of all again, look at that picture does that look covered in soot. Highlighted was highlighted there. You know, good work. But instead of wiping it off she gamely powders her nose and her cheeks turn, even blacker. I didn't mean for that'd be so dramatic. The second. So anyway. A writer for the New Yorker said this made me think about class how Mary Poppins a posh domestic scrambles class divide and introduces Jane and Michael much more fun world of chimney sweeps. Some people with some really. Big stretches of time are really over thinking this kind of thing never thought about it in a million years. But this is where we are in two thousand nineteen. Anyway, you'll find that are co-pilot from the London Evening Standard. So the people in London are a little bit. Bloomberg skewered by that as well. As Julie Andrews is kind of got us over there. True. Got us over here to seven fifty nine news is next. We'll get your local update as well. And more topicality coming up. John Matthews infra Scotty Scottie be still here. A lulu. Protests outside.

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