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A crash justin side the oneill tunnel southbound as you make way by governments senator ed baxter traffic up a crosses acre bridge backed up already onto ninety three that was backed a spot pause so tough ride for you there the liberte down wrap remains jammed just after you get audit making your way to storrow drive storrow drive eastbound that heavy as well getting into the the bear into the store title so expect some slowdowns there it's open is doing a little better actually it is back down the chelsea side just to the edge of the curve bought the southern williams haven't changed back to the airport in fact the centrebacks out onto route one a northbound on the expressway furnace burt parkway right up to columbia road that's a slight improvement for you route 3 is doing a little better but it's still derby street to union street virtually four northbound hangs up at one thirty nine to 120 895 slow getting over 120 what 28 the cracked by great plant abbas off to the right traffic's heavy getting by there but it really stays heavy beyond it all the way up passed the turnpike and yes indeed the pike is heavy from the state police barracks it's beyond that now it's almost back to route thirty getting to 120 there's a bit of a break in the action and that from route sixteen although it all from bright next update is at nine thirty would wbz's traffic on the 3s burien now to bernard a toyota summary vent and get a 2017 camry se just one forty nine a month or a 2017 route four l e one seventy nine a month for naughty toyota got lisa 424 months twelve thousand miles per year 55 ninety nine due at signing for camry forty forty nine due at signing for raffour excludes tax licensed title witnessed region 169 documentation fees no security deposit options expire thirty seventy abrams now the the fourday wbz accuweather forecast sponsored by amstel axelrod rent for.

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