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Co. Moh news 1000 FM 97 7, We continue with Cuomo Afternoon news. I'm Rick fan sites with ELISA Jaffe and look at our top stories from the coma. 24 7 News Center governor Jay Inslee says the world is at a critical point with climate change. Come was Charlie Harker tells us about his remarks today. The speech was to a group of local leaders and business executives across the country and in flea says it will take a big effort. We know we're on the edge of the abyss when it comes to climate change, but we all So know that this is a moment of a quantum shift in the ability to move forward. This could be a giant leap for mankind and womankind, and we're gonna make it together. Their remarks were part of the presentation from all in America. That's a group headed up by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is Lee is a co chair. The group maintains that climate action should be part of the White House infrastructure package. Those sentiments were well received by administration officials at the event, Charlie Harder, Come on is the pandemic has had an unexpected side effect. A sharp increase in gun violence come most. Ryan Harris with more King County prosecutor Dan Satur Berg's office has measured gun violence down to every shots fired call for the past four years, But saddlebag tells co Moh news. The number shot way up in 2020, like 90 murder cases filed up from the average of 56 with 2021 on pace with 20. 20 Saddlebag says there are lots of theories on the pandemics relationship with the increases. But he says they do know the vast majority of the violence involves communities of color and young people in their twenties, which he says isn't surprising because that's how it was before Cove it But it also opens up some potential strategies to invest in those communities and to invest in opportunities for young people, in particular, young people of color who are at risk of violence, Satur Berg says. It also speaks to how easy and cheap it is to get guns.

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