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The officers and the buoyed shooting it didn't necessarily get reopened but they the albuquerque police department choke this big box full of stuff from from this investigation they'd conducted and they drove it up to the state attorney general's office they set the box on a conference room table in the agee's office and didn't tell anybody than it was there and this was over the thanksgiving weekend so the attorney general's folks discovered the box the following monday or tuesday when they got back to the office meanwhile the city of albuquerque gave the case file to the albuquerque journal and the albuquerque journal wrote a story before the attorney general had even seeing the file saying that carry brandenburg was a suspect the day after the story broke carry decided to hold a press conference at her attorney's office i was very clear and saying i did not do anything and i would not do anything that was criminal auriol legal board use my position is district attorney in any way whatsoever and i never would have done anything that would absolve my son of of responsibility for his actions and then one reporter asked here we you're pro vein of police she woman before i finish if it did that the usual and i will continue to to do my ta i was even more determined to press on in and do what i thought was the right thing in regard to the port case a month later carry finally filed criminal charges against the two officers who shot james buoyed but if she thought it was going to be business as usual it certainly was not the following day there was another officer involves shooting involving albuquerque police department to officers shot and killed a man during a foot chase and when carries chief deputy showed up on the scene like they always do she was asked to leave in my chief called me up and say carry were getting kicked off carey told her to sit tight she got on the phone with the city attorney and other officials when they basically said we don't want you here you're preceding on the court case than we think that free all sorts of issues i said we have to lift our responsibility to be there the very next day city officials may themselves even clear.

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