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Cap had a great tournament. Fief was one of the better players industry. I don't care what you think about qatar. And how they're not a world power. He had himself a tournament very good player when it comes to distributing the ball cyst scoring goals there this morning taken a lot of heat but he was clearly the best nine in this tournament and in the fall. That could be a default choice to Well it's not default if you look at the overall field and that's what because because maybe he wasn't the standard of what most mexican nine in this tournament and can we talk about on buchanan by the way zoo nightmare for defenders and he was playing in a position i put him in my left wing hughes playing in a position where he was an outside. Wingback a wingback in three centreback midfield for our back line for what was candidate and he was ridiculous again he did just did whatever he wanted against mexico. I thought he had himself and outstanding tournament. Yeah that goal against mexico. Easy did he make it. Look i mean it looks like a player almost like sixty percents speed going right by the mexican defense and eventually finishing the goal in that two one defeat all right so let's get to our twitter battle. Yes i'm not really a twitter battle at a twitter wound. I think that we opened up he. Us and mexico fans and it all comes down to your pretournament labeling pre-tournament yes preterm labeling of this us squad as as a c- squad right as a as a c team and so yesterday on twitter you put out some of our content saying that c team of the us had beaten a mexico eighteen and some mexico fans started. Kind of say way really really. Is this really a c team and you dismissed it. So i challenged you on twitter. I said okay. Build me on eighteen and to be team without any of these gold cup players. Okay so i can't use any twenty four players that were called up for goldco. Okay because what i did. I did not use players for the seat team. And i actually only use players that gregg berhalter at one point has used on the us. Men's national teams. All these players have played. They're not randomly pick. And here's the best part. I didn't with zero major league soccer players. Just those things a little more because those players played in gocha twelve thirteen. Excuse me 'cause kesse was added had never debuted with the senior national team. Twenty of the twenty four played in major league soccer. He go zack. Stephanie goal genial destined a lot Jon brooks and chris richardson the center yellen. Forget about who you think should be. Just concentrate on this yard line. Okay tyler adams yunus mussa weston mckennie. That midfield christian pulisic josh sergeant. Forget about what you think. Starting nine just concentrate on this and gio raina. That is the eighteen k. Would you like to go to the bt scary scary do we go speak team. Heath in at nations concacaf nations. The mvp hero. You've got mackenzie. You've got matt me is and i got carter. Vickers cameron carter. I even throughout a different formation with three centre backs..

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