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Nice and she is here with her new film mud bound yet yet which is going to be released by netflixing yep and is it going to get any theatrical a showing as well as on netflix yesterday and do it do a day in day limited release on november seventeen it'll be on your tv sets so you don't have to wear pan tianshou by popcorn thing will be there for you money going to say to wear pvs start yeah yeah it'll help itself i feel and what he's going to say yeah there was super kulikov's want to be seen as an artist like an so that the idea that will be 200 countries simultaneously is insane other assent in attaf incredible fantastic especially of course for indy films which have a challenge getting people off their butts and out into the theaters yeah well in this film wouldn't be seen if not for netflixing nobody wanted the summit sundance so really ted sorrento saw it in his his vision he is like is nobody buying this like seriously like i'm buying it and so yeah enough not for netflix flicked film would even be available so like wow thing that's like the secret that nobody knows like yeah well that's that's a very now people now nice yeah you're so how is the reception the audience reception at sundance it's been really positive so i mean so we've done sundance so far and the moon to toronto than london bfi and then guide worry so i mean it's been like really huge of unlike the new york film film festivals for me like festivals are the only time i get to have that face to face emea.

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