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Worked hard my whole life. I've been surrounded by amazing people and always just wanted to be successful. I didn't know what it was what I was going to do. Phone love with golf, and it's transcended into today, and it's it all kind of came out. I never let myself get ahead all day today. This is after hours with Amy Lawrence. First time major winner. Gary woodlands after he thinks birdie putt on eighteen from thirty feet. You hear that call with Joe buck on FOX the player of the week brought to you by Grainger. So let's take a look at the one who got it done at the US open Pebble Beach that icon. Ick course and because conditions were so. Nice were very scoreboard. Very playable. The weather helped a lot with that. So it was not rainy. But the cloud cover the see the marine fog, if you will kept the greens, pretty soft and kept the course not nearly as dangerous as what it might have been. If you had a bunch of wins in the course and the greens dried out, but Gary woodland, actually finished it minus thirteen which is better than what tiger wood posted in two thousand when he. Was at minus twelve and won by fifteen strokes woodland talked about how he was able to stay in the moment. And that's huge for him because he very often had opportunities to win tournaments and the reason path, and just could not close. In fact, he would fold in the final rounds he would give up fifty four hole leads, but not this time not even with two time defending champ. Brooks kept breathing down his neck. So he finally figured it out the waiting for his first major was not a waste it prepared him for this moment. And if you have not seen the FaceTime conversation that he had with a Special Olympics gopher named Amy I retweeted it earlier. In fact, it was just before I went on the air, the PGA tour shared this on their Twitter. And then as I say, I retweeted it I'd heard the story, but theing the FaceTime conversation with Amy pretty amazing. They met at a recent tournament. I think it was a pro am of some sort and they were playing a whole together. And she. He really amazed. Gary with the way that she was able, she got into a bunker and then she still had to get out of the bunker, she got up and down for par. She was talking to result, the whole time really encouraging yourself and staying positive. And they've developed a pretty cool friendship. And so while he was standing there with the US open trophy on Sunday. He was FaceTime. Ing with Amy and like I said, the PGA tour put the whole conversation up, and it's really sweet eight all warm, your heart. A little bit like the St Louis blues relationship with Layla Anderson, and so, I would encourage you to watch it and to me, this is what matters most what matters most is, when we have a platform, and we have the ability to influence and impact others. And we do it in a positive way. So congratulations to Gary woodland who's been around a long time, and now is a major winner, the player of the week brought to you by Grainger, grainger's. Got your back when it comes to the safety and industrial supplies that keep your facility running get what you need when you need it at Grainger dot com. So you can find. Me on Twitter. A law radio producer. Chris is using our show account our show Twitter account to re tweet a lot of your answers to our toys Tuesday question, which are making me feel better and also cracking me up. But before I tell you where this idea came from, I wanna quit clarify something. Dave. So you were talking about Christmas story, somehow my brain. I got stuck on Christmas vacation. So I was thinking Chevy Chase. And remember he got what he thought was going to be this huge bonus check and his boss came over to their Christmas party. And it turned out to be like a, a ticket for free steaks or something. What was the gift? It was something. It was something really ridiculous. It might have been like a free steak deliver with something dumb yet. Don't remember what he gets, but I do. Remember what you're talking. I got Christmas story and Christmas vacation mixed up. But the lamp is now up on our Facebook page as well as on Twitter, so it's the leg lamp. And now remembering some of you are, are sending me the, the different videos, the gift, whatever. So. Yes. Thank you for clarifying. You know, my brain things very often, get jumbled, my spaghetti plate brain. I knew it was a Christmas movie. That's what I knew also this might appeal to you, Dave, if you feel like taking a road trip, Tyler says on Twitter, the Christmas story house, in Cleveland, even allows you to stay overnight. There you go. You should tell your kids if that's what we're gonna do for a holiday vacation. Coming up. Forget Disney Christmas. Gosh is so you know it's so over actually you wanna talk about expensive. Whoa. Dizzy, it's insane insane. Okay. So our phone number's eight five five two one two four to seven that's eight five five two one two four CBS,.

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