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We've wack at all times because i don't want to be a leaked him about this in mind been like for stress brow nl there's just is dynamics delayed digital dynamic city cs inaki outside pointing to lampoon bike with her finger beiber cheek what she does a one for your work there ever areas like well member when you build that drug test why don't you just admitted she info was in a class sealed caves spending was leaked her like it wasn't league took a why was leaked in the reunion hada by air met landed like when i am happy owner of hampering were three of threat of the habashi of don't talk yet because land because essentially catherine's says that land it was a it was close it was it was private information has been closed court cases document that cetera and that land in found out about it because i guess thomas had shown her and so that land came onto the on the reunion and told everyone about the that she failed drug tests and landen's one that put it out there but then and then even andy was like i'm pretty sure it was on the internet before the reunion me down there was not having it via and landon and linens they don't call me i am really getting sick of being called a liar by long go back to the way back machine i don't think you rehab was around the emirates not hard to see who is really a fault here because he got german matlock over there but possum matlock cuba well i think that someone just heard your lawyer talk about it a sum of one someone who's they may be.

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