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Download it wherever you get your podcasts K. one O. C. L. K. O. N. O. F. M. twenty minutes of non stop news starts now here's what's coming up the end of the first wave is in sight I'm Brian Calvert with the date everyone's been waiting for and the giant asterisk regional recovery on the west coast I'm poor would hate governor Insley joins a three state pact traffic and weather coming up in four minutes but first ABC news at seven o'clock ABC news I'm sherry Preston the great locked down the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression the international monetary fund's chief economist Gita Gopinath said today he expects the global economy to shrink by three percent this year compared to the Great Recession when it shrank point one percent the cumulative loss to global GDP over twenty twenty and twenty twenty one from the pandemic crisis could be around nine trillion dollars greater than the economies of Japan and Germany combined with millions of Americans suddenly out of work ABC's do Benitez has more on one aspect of the U. S. economy that's now in question meet the largest pork producer in the world Smithfield foods warns of a potential shortage saying one of its plants in South Dakota will remain closed nearly three hundred employees testing positive for covert nineteen their CEO saying the closure of this facility and others is pushing our country perilously close to the edge in terms of our meat supply president trump says he has the authority to re open the country but when and how may first is the date circled in pencil on the calendars of the White House the day president trump would like to get some parts of the country reopened so it was notable on Monday when the president would not publicly commit to that as an official goal he did say a plan will be rolled out in the coming days on what a re opening could look like make decisions fairly quickly and I think they're going to be the correct decision I hope so the president says his administration will give guidelines to Americans so they can have confidence to begin returning to what he called normal life Karen Travers ABC news Washington Spain is allowing those in manufacturing and construction to go back to work Italy and Austria opening thousands of smaller shops United Kingdom still in full lock time with the rise in cases reported his fear of a second wave in Wuhan China only recently re opened there the Dow is up six hundred points investors hopeful of businesses opening up again you're listening to ABC news stay informed the com au morning news it's seven oh two right now beautiful start to the morning here in western Washington with sunny skies a little bit of cloudiness here and there but it's starting to thin out forty six degrees at sea tac airport with great Herschel time benefactor near the top stories from the couple twenty four seven news center at the university of Washington models that tell us the number of coronavirus hospital cases have peaked and are now making another prediction almost Brian Kelberg reports it's the first time someone has predicted an end to the outbreak in this country there's been a lot of speculation that the first wave will ebb sometime this summer Dr Christopher Murray told CNN last night his model predicts it will be the first week in June that's when he says will hit the magic number twenty three deaths per million people in the US so basically sixty death the United States in a day would be that threshold right now we're experiencing sixty deaths for every one million Americans and there's also a giant asterisk in this production Murray is quite clear the prediction assumes we remain at or near current levels of social distancing until June we've been paying off too soon for them and we're pretty confident we'll just see a rebound of the epidemic if if that's what works what was to happen Brian Calvert komo news fourteen nurses therapists and other workers at northwest Medical Center have now tested positive for the virus the call most Joe Marino says it's unclear how the goddess hospital's medical director says no patients were infected beginning April six all workers on that floor underwent testing for the past two weeks all newly admitted patients are also checked the unit has since undergone deep cleaning and breakroom such strict occupancy limits all fourteen nurses and therapists who got sick are now home recovering and said to be in stable condition you dub medicine has announced every single patient admitted to its hospitals will now be tested for covert nineteenth bit of a change for us we've been spray all patients who are symptomatic for over a month Dr Chloe Bryson Khan says they can now test all incoming patients because they now have same day turnaround times coming up on the calm all morning news governor Jay Inslee's decision to release nearly a thousand inmates early not going over well with some I'm Carly Johnson seven oh four let's check the drive.

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