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My co host Corey graves, we invited along Renee young we invited along fabulous comedian, Tony Hinchcliffe, and we invited along the amazing Pat McAfee here, it is live from CB live in Phoenix Arizona this week on not Sam wrestling, then not Sam wrestling interview. I think we're all here for two to celebrate. Our love of this thing to celebrate Royal rumble weekend and to do it properly. Yeah. And I think one of the ways we can do it properly is if I introduced my co host for the evening. This is a guy who never has a negative things said about him on Twitter. He is the voice of Monday night, raw the voice of smackdown. Live the voice of every WWE pay per view. He is whether he knows it or not my he's become my spiritual guru because of his Instagram stories. I don't know how many of you keeping up with his Buddhist quotes that have been popping up. But I love it. He's the savior of misbehavior and he's the love master, ladies and gentlemen, Corey graves. Look at him. Look look at them. Your prayer hands together for Corey graves their per hands. But Sam let's be honest. You already screwed up. My intro. I'm not the love master. I am the world champion of love. I forgot I'm sorry. I can't believe I let's screw that up. We just went over like five minutes ago. But I know I know it was a new nickname and now now I feel silly. But I'm glad that you're here, man. I'm glad to be here. Yeah. Great mood. I am am not necessarily officially zen Buddhist now, but Sam Chris that earlier today, so we'll just roll with it. Yeah. I mean, I can't believe do you guys. Follow graves is Instagram stories. If you've been watching exciting, I think it is. It's not that good. All of a sudden, it's like live and let go, and and just accept what you accept and reject what you don't anybody in here. Been divorced before. Harry..

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