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Yeah we we can we have. We have a great talented team of designers. And you have an idea of like. This is what i'm envisioning. I'm envisioning painted on my c laying. You name it We we can generate a custom designed for you. We can also take if you have the copyright license for an image or particular piece of artwork. We can also create that in houses well to their specifications. A lot of custom coloring options are really big for interior designers as well working with particular color palette. Tell me about the materials. You work with We have we have multiple different substrates. We have it's between commercial and residential. We have a matt in a linen type Substrate that is eco-friendly. Probably more for your residential and then we do have the type. Two's as well on a canvas. In matt we also have specialty substrates as well that are metallics that add a whole other dimension to the wall covering itself and we also carry scrim which is a fabric based window. Film said actually warms up the space. But if you need privacy in need light to be filtered in that's a great product uses. Well tell me a little bit more about that. Because i can see so many different applications for something like that. I really think right now with everybody starting to think about how to get back into the office. I'm seeing a lot of like flexi type dividers or glass type. Dividers that this Film can be applied to. It's very easy installation. We still say. Definitely use a commercial installer. It is relatively easy to install its fabric versus you know a plastic film. It's a water base. It he says so. It's all very earth friendly in yet warms up that glass or cold flexi type partition and so we print on the surface of that so the the mural continue what even if you wanted to do a wall into window and continue with the wall. We can do that.

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