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Was, as you had rioters pushing against capital police trying to get into the building. He was delighted Extremists are planning another proposed attack on Washington and state capitals on January 17th this morning, Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey said he thinks President Trump should resign. Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski was the first Republican Call for the president's resignation. CBS News has learned. A couple of pipe bombs found Wednesday could have exploded. Correspondent Catherine Herridge chu pipe bombs found at the Democratic and Republican National Committee headquarters are described by law enforcement as taking their probe to the next level. It takes quite a bit of time to manufacture devices like these. It's not something that you're just going to throw together in a few minutes in your garage more than 100. People have been arrested so far after the attack. Former U US Attorney Harry Lippman runs down the charges they could face as well as potentially the president himself. We're talking about a really serious serious of charges up to and including terrorist charges, murder, How can you go after them and throw the book at them without also really zeroing in on the instigator? After all, the president The slow rollout of Corona virus vaccines is frustrating. Many Florida residents. Wfor TV is Jessica Vallejo reports from Miami. The faster online as hundreds waited to get through vaccination. Horrible. They don't know what they're doing. Miami Dade Fire Rescue tweeted. Please be patient as we work to get everyone vaccinated as quickly as possible over at the hard rock stadium. It was also going slow for some. Ah 1000 appointments have been made a day. For next week. 22 million doses have been distributed so far. This is CBS News. CBS News Radio is your home for breaking news with our team of reporters around the country and the world. We give you the coverage you can trust now from the Cairo Radio New Center at my Northwest, calm to Seattle police officers who were in Washington D. C during last week's riot at the U. S Capital have been placed on administrative leave. Viral radios. Chris Martin reports. Interim Police chief Adrian Diaz said on Friday night that the SPD supports all lawful expressions of freedom of speech, but that if any officers were directly involved in the insurrection of the U. S Capitol, I will immediately terminate them. A picture was posted on social Media. The two officers at the rally in D. C. Seattle's Office of Police Accountability is investigating whether any police department policies were broken. Here, Dirk and issued a statement supporting the investigation. Even as covert rages across the country. Many are asking what happened to the flu. Somehow we decided to shoot the flu. I don't know that we did it on purpose. I'm not sure we could take credit for it. It's one of the great mysteries of public health and epidemiology is where is the influenza? U dub medicines, Dr Paul Pottenger tells Cairo seven TV flew numbers are low, not just in Washington state but the whole country, he says. Part of the reason is the record number of people who got the flu shot early last year. Health officials say by wearing a mask, social distancing and washing. Our hands were fighting off Both Cove it and the flu. The season is over for the Seahawks didn't plan on getting knocked out way. We're playing finding a way to win this football game all the way up until you know you know how we are all the way down the stretch to we weren't able to do it and they they had their game. Head coach Pete Carroll says. Saturday's game was a gut punch rift. Find place to put that we gotta get back to Eventually we'll get back to the mentality of getting ready for the next next go around the Hawks lost to the Rams 30 to 20 on.

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