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And He's already fought spends and spends not available anyway. So porter would be available. It would seem to fight Crawford now. It's not as big a fight as if he fought spence bench because spence is undefeated and he beat porter. But it's it's a bigger fight for for Crawford than he has available to him on the top rank side so if that's the the fight they wind up making somehow porter and Crawford. It's a big fight for Crawford based on who he's been fighting's recently much more snow right. I agree I agree with that but do you think that I mean look at some point. You know al.. They've got to make sure these guys are if they're paying big salaries salaries. They've got to make sure that they're fighting in big fights but it seems like everything we've seen from the BBC size that they've tried to basically ostracize. Terence Crawford. Do you think that had. PBC would offer up Shawn Porter in a fight that he very easily could lose. Well I if porter doesn't have any options like I said on the other side of the street because because he's already fought. Those guys and pack is not available. He might allow him to do that if if porter says. Hey this is the guy I wanNA fight. I think I can beat him and if I go and beat him it changes my whole. Oh career while. I'm still on my physical prime. I think he might allow him to do that of Puerto really pushes for it and and The one fight that I would see on the top rank excited I could see happening. Is Crawford Against Jose. Ramirez Ramirez wants the fight. He's obviously at one hundred forty pounds right now but he's GonNa make his mandatory mandatory defense against Victor Postal in early February in China. And if he wins that fight I could see him moving up to welterweight after that because he's unified titles at Junior Welterweight and I guess you know. Theoretically he could fight Josh Taylor for full unification but if he doesn't do that and offered a lot of money to move up and fight tarrant Crawford. I think he would jump. Jump at the opportunity and it wouldn't be a situation where you have a small junior welterweight going up to fight a big welterweight. He's actually two inches taller than Crawford and You know so I don Crawford and have a big height or reach advantage over him and Crawford is considered a small welterweight so I don't think that he could beat Crawford but I think it's a fight the top rank could sell if they can't get someone on the BBC side to fight him. Yeah well I I like that fight too I. I did think that they might try to roll the dice and try to make Ramirez Mirror versus Taylor and then you could have undisputed at one forty versus undisputed at one forty at one forty seven You could certainly sell that a little bit harder. If you've made that fight happened but beggars can't be choosers at this point. I mean you've gotTa make you gotTa make big fights with this guy of all four porter. I I would think I if I had to guess I'd say Puerto would want at least one fight posts spence before he jumped in the ring with with a Terence Crawford but only pushes a potential fight there to maybe the summertime but they gotta get creative for sure. You're like to to keep this guy happy. I spent some time with them earlier this week. It's you know it's clear he kind of chomping at the bit for for these big fights and the other thing too. Is You know crops. Thirty two years old at some point. You WanNa get these fights in before he. It's like thirty three thirty four thirty five and you start to wonder that whole great. What if what would have happened? If we'd seen that those big fights back then you you mentioned arrows pence there and what we know about him. You're right we don't know anything. And that's pretty bizarre. Isn't it keeps like Nick Fox and PBC have all these platforms to put aerospace on just to get them out there and we haven't even seen a picture we've seen nothing malarial spence we saw. The mugshot wasn't pretty. You know I mean I again. I can't emphasize anything healthy. Yeah I'm I'm sorry. Good Chris I was gonNA say like is. How surprising is that to you that we haven't seen anything like he hasn't made an appearance on inside? PBC or done an interview with with somebody over at Fox. I mean they've got plenty of opportunity to put them out there and they just haven't done it yet. Well you know this is just pure speculation on my part you know part if it might be that. He's just self conscious about the way that his face looks now and he doesn't want each just not comfortable doing that yet. He will be in the future but he's just not he just doesn't want to do it quite yet. I don't know that for sure but that could be part of it I you know it's very possible that there's more to it than we know but I just don't think you know I just don't think it's that you're doing this but I just don't think it's fair or responsible for for any of us in the media to speculate because we don't know you know so I mean hopefully. He's he's recovering well and he'll come back to the form that he had you know before the accident and you'll just have to be patient and the way to find out but obviously they do have a lot of platforms KRISTA. Put Him on. I just think there's gotta be some reason why they're not sending him out to kind of show the public that he's okay I I don't know what that reason is honestly but But there's gotta be some reason for it. Yeah and and look. He's right that whenever he comes back. It'll be on a rather low level so we might not see errol suspense what you might see him. Back in the ring and twenty twenty maybe not in a big fight until end of the year or even twenty twenty one at the potentially it is so we All certainly hope for the best for Farrell Spence there One thing I wanna hit on with you you were ringside for Jamaal Charles win over Dennis Hogan knocked him out terrific performance By Charles but once again here we are Keith. With you know what do we do with Jamaal Charles. And what do we do with Dimitrios android. But you've got two guys that can't draw audience against the numbers for Charlie on showtime two hundred fifty thousand viewers. That's after he did. What around? Like four hundred seventy five or something in his last fight against Brandon Adams. I mean what what are we. What is what can be done here with Charles? And he's terrific fighter and an excellent incredible talent but they've got to make a big big fight from same thing with Eddie hearn. He's gotTa make a big fight for Dimitrius android. What has to happen for these two guys to recognize that they have to fight each other? I don't know Chris but Ah Feel at Chris it feels like every every five or six months. We're having this conversation. Well maybe a little short amount of time with android because he's been a little more active but we're having this conversation every five or six months about Jamaal Charles and it just like he has to fight someone already because what I think will happen for him I. I'd love to see him. Fight Fight Andrey it'd be a partial unification fight. Both guys are unbeaten. But both you know top level middleweights. I'd like to see that fight. What I think is more likely to happen for Jamaal? Charles are low as he's even Chris. eubank didn't obviously didn't score definitive victory over Matt core above on Saturday because core Bob got hurt in the second round He did win. Win The fight I could see you bank fighting Charlie next I also the the one the fight. That's more interesting to me than you bank in Charlotte. Because I think Charlwood beat you. Bank is Charles and Dharavi and Chanko and it was obviously no accident on Saturday. They were interviewing Sergei Driving Chanko at ringside and asking him about L.. Potentially Fighting Jamaal Charles. Oh Now al Hayman would have to convince Charles to fight him because while he almost beat glove gin and some people think that he did beat Gloveman. He's not gullion. So you're gonNA fight a really tough guy who could beat you but it's not the high profile fight in which you would make a lot of money like you would for fighting glove can because if you Charlie had mentioned a couple of times last week we spoke to him before and after the fight he would prefer to fight glove. CAN IF WE'RE GONNA fight glove can end Canelo Canelo. He would prefer to fight. Galore can I because glove gains older. And he's you know seem somewhat diminished and might be easier to pick off than canal. Well well he would be easier to pick off than Cannella at this point and I don't think that Charlwood beat Canelo so I think if he you know he would make a lot of money to the love and he would want that fight. I but Would he fight Dharavi in Chaco because Dharavi enchant goes. People don't think love can is going to fight him again though. Glove can should based on what happened in their first fight. It was in my opinion the fight of the year and it was very close and could have gone either way so we wanna see that again. But how does Al Hayman Convinced Charl to fight Dharavi and Chanko because you have to pay him a lot of money to do it because that's going to be a dogfight and it's going to be the hardest fight of trawlers career and you've got Durbin Chaco coming off making taking a five million dollar purse. He's GonNa want significant money for that believing that he sure he won that fight against Gadhafi. And I don't know how you do it. I mean I just feel like you know. Oh forget the networks I mean I. I saw a clip on boxing scene with android saying you know like Charlady over to zone. Who cares like fighter? Sean showtime like just have everybody get into a room and say. Where's the money for all this and let's do it because I can't speak for exact numbers on android but he he doesn't draw rating on his own? Like a needle mover on zone and we've seen back to back fights now at Charlotte where he is not a needle mover showtime. And if you're showtime and you try to put together a schedule for twenty twenty why do you want at this point. He's fighting a David. Chen Co which I would watch like that's a good fight or Dmitri's android. I mean it. Just it just doesn't it doesn't make any sense to keep pouring money into it. If the return is in very good absolutely Chris and you know android is fighting keillor in his next fight. I mean come on no I can't I can't keep going and I like to me. This and I don't know Jamal Jamal all that well but I like his attitude on how he fights and how how he goes goes out there and performs but like. I can't deal with this this constant stuff anymore. This is worse than than like Wilder Joshua because this is just dumb like there's money there to make make despite happen and both you guys need each other like the winner of android versus. Carlo takes a significant step forward and becomes in my opinion a real contender for aloft or canal. I think without them. They can't be a real contender with each other and with the win over one or the other they can be a real they can stand up and say I have. Let's call one and a half pieces of the middleweight title. I deserve the opportunity to fight one of you. Two guys yet and Chris. I'll I'll tell you you know fans are starting to send a message. I I don't know what the numbers are from his zone because they don't make the you might they don't make the numbers public there aren't Nielsen Ratings. And all that kind of stuff but what the message. That's being sent to Jamaal Charles. Oh is we don't want to buy fans as we don't want to continue seeing you fight twenty five to one underdogs. Because the ratings for the Brandon Adams fight were significantly higher than than for his fight against Denis Hogan out Denis Hogan you could argue is a better fighter than Brandon Adams but and that for it to be somewhat not fair. The fight was going the the big ten championship game was that night and it drew like thirteen and a half million people you know viewers or whatever so. I'm not saying they didn't have some competition. That might not have impacted it in some way. But look he he the telecasts. When he fought Brandon Adams peaked at four hundred? Thirty four thousand viewers. I believe it was this peaked at two seventy five so at some point people want to see Jamaal Charles Oh challenged. They don't want us to continue seeing him. Fight guys on this level Denis Hogan ahead of you you were there. I believe when he fought Hymie Mongia he pushed Mongia. Some people thought there Hogan won the fight. I'm not saying he didn't deserve another significant fight after that but he moving up from fifty four to sixty he was a huge underdog he only had seven knockouts and thirty one fights before he fought Charle and he got overwhelmed by a bigger stronger guy which was pretty predictable. Yeah Yeah it was. I mean I I think Charles Andrew it's actually pretty good clashes styles. Range androids Charles more of an aggressor android android kind of the counterpuncher. I think it's both meaningful and might be the more more entertaining fight that they put on in recent memory. So I mean. I'm sure we'll talk 'n Keith. And five months having the conversation. Let's see here that Luke Keillor android fight goals and we'll go from there you know. Oh God I'm Gonna I I can't I can't because you can't get out of that one man. Come on no before. Let's go keith. You reported earlier this week. That Danny Garcia back against I've read catch. Thanks this January. Twenty fifth on Showtime Showtime has talked about having a big year in twenty twenty. This you know certainly a low level fight red gach not. I don't think he's ranked by anybody really alias. He at this point and the one hundred forty seven power rankings. But he's it should be pretty easy night for Danny Garcia What do you think.

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