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You know that Mitch Albom has a brand new book out and a great event coming up that we all can be a part of and I'm planning on it to mitch's new book. It's it's really a long awaited sequel. Well to his number one New York Times bestseller, the five people you meet in heaven Mitch albums new novel. The next person you meet in heaven, and what a pleasure, it is Mitch to have you here and to to congratulate you in advance for what I know is going to be another big hit for you. Well, thank you follow the book comes out in in a few weeks, and as you know in the past. I if I long ago gave up on celebrating book authors at top kale parties in New York. I live in New York, and I'm not much for coffee party. So I tried to turn book launches into charity events, and we've done some great successes. We've done things at the FOX theater with Tony Bennett and Ernie Harwell over the years you've been part of them and we have another one scheduled for October fourteenth. It should be should be the best yet. It's at the Detroit opera house this time, and I've I've called in some favors with some people that I know and onstage with me that night are going to be in. No particular order. Anderson Cooper from CNN Jane Pauley, host of CBS Sunday morning, formally the today show, Bob Costas Olympics and NBC Jim Harbaugh. Joe Dumars is coming in from California hasn't been back in Detroit in a while the cast of the Detroiters the two guys from the Detroiters TV show, Sophia Bush the actor. From Chicago PD, and others and Ken are finding musical talent here in Detroit will be performing as well as some other people and all the money, we raised as you mentioned this going to help kids here in Detroit with literacy through our Detroit liberty program and the kids from Haiti with their medical issues, you know, from the orphanage that I operate the when we bring them up, you know, they don't have money for insurance and all medical things cost a lot of money. And so we were dedicating funds to that. And it's only a fifty dollar ticket at the opera house on the on the best part is you get an an autograph copy of the book, which will just be out for a couple of days included in the ticket. That's an incredible deal. The book is twenty five bucks getting it. Autographed is over and above. It is it is priceless for those of us who collect things like that. And love to have autograph books by the author. And this one's by Mitch Albom. And for fifty bucks, you get the twenty five dollar book, and you get the entertainment, and and the moving experience that I promise you this will be at the Detroit opera house on Sunday October fourteenth at seven pm. There is a five thirty VIP reception. You can go to TicketMaster dot com or you can call eight hundred seven four or five three thousand seven four five three thousand and there are some special sponsor opportunities. You can get your very own private box which could include twelve seats four of which may attend the VIP reception prior to the show. There are a lot of opportunities here to help a lot of people and all the money left over from this production. All of it goes to charity in Detroit for kids for literacy in in Haiti for kids and their health issues. We all lived through the cheek. Experience that became like your daughter and then passed away, but you brought her here for help. And now you have yet another little girl that had you've welcome you and Janine of welcomed into your home. Yeah. She's sleeping right now. She threw up after reading the American food yesterday. I think we have to do that a little slower. But yeah, she fortunately, it's not a situation like happened with Chico, which was the IP brain tumor. There was no from the beginning was a state of disease. This is just some serious surgery. Some urological things that this little nine year old girl and he's done. They can they told us in eighty nobody can do it here. So we bought her here. And again, this is one of those things like people Beaumont or helping us out. That's what they can right now. We're working with them. But there are still lots of costs associated with it. And so for these children's future, I started what was called the Chica fund to raise money for when these things happen. And that's what we'll do that night. And it's this little girl's name Babu Babu. Yeah. I wonder often, and I gotta go 'cause Ryan's going through the roof. I I often wonder if you Janine the blessing of you, not having children has meant that you've had hundreds and maybe thousands of children that you've helped well, we have forty seven we're raising right there. And if they have forty seven of their own and forty seven more, maybe you'll end up being right? All I know is it's it's the best thing I've ever done in my life and all children need help, especially those who have been orphaned in poor countries. So number fourteenth at the opera house with a cast of thousands. And the new book the next person you meet in heaven. Thank you, Paul so much for giving me the opportunity to bring this people's attention. We will..

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