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Stream dot com to learn more and sign up today. 10 53 traffic on the threes. The super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Kevin Brennan was going on. Well, lower. Looks like you got some slowdowns here in Lexington. It's 1 28. North bound getting reports of a crash here by 4 to 25. We are starting to see some brake lights getting by that right now. 93 is looking pretty good. Both directions between Wilmington in Boston over on Route one. You won't have any delays today between Chelsea And the Lynnfield Tunnel. Downtown. Boston's a nice right here on the lower decks take umbrage as well through the airport tunnels and along the river roads south of town, the expressway north and South bound, free and clear here between Braintree and Boston. Now the upper ends at 3 24 95. Not too bad you start going a little bit further South here at some earlier snows come by. Roads are a little damp. So you're gonna want to keep those speeds down. No troubles on the mass pike getting out past Framingham. And through that Natick stretch route nineties found you got some slowdowns in the road work before to Cedar Street here in Wellesley. This report is sponsored by Audible Audible delivers the best audio entertainment All in one app choose a plan that's right for you and make it a year of audible originals. Best selling audio books, popular podcasts and more start listening free with the 30 Day trial at audible dot com. Kevin Brennan, WBC's traffic on the threes and now to meteorologist in Devore. Good morning. Good morning. We're watching again. Some of those cells snow showers down along the south coast in the Cape..

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