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And now the Bill today, I'm going to go local. Yes, it's true that on a national level the Democrats taking over the house of representatives officially is a big huge deal. But we knew it. We put in our calendars since the election. We knew it was going to happen. A surprise announcement was made today by local politician, the governor of the state of New York the some politicians they like to show up at every ribbon cutting right others other the actually proudly declare their commitment to constituent services, New York, Senator named Al D'Amato proudly called himself Senator pothole because there is a pothole on your street. He'd send a crew or do something to get credit for it. Our governor Andrew Cuomo. He's not like that necessarily. He says he doesn't sweat the small stuff and don't, you know, it's all small stuff. Am I right gove Cuomo? I tend to focus on the issues that are highly. Packed full right. Okay. I'll take that as a premise and yet at the same time after telling us how he focuses only on that. Which is vital. He did let loose with this observation prison breakout. Dan, Amora, I just saw the movie the other day on TV. So I'm thinking about it Michael imperial early played me. I thought he did a good job. Why is he raising all this? I will tell you why. Here was the issue at hand. So the announcement that was gripping all New Yorkers, especially Brooklyn. It's also people live on fourteenth street is that the L train would be shutting down for over a year. Fifteen months. It's a crap train. But it's all they've got in Williamsburg, and Bushwick and all parts of Brooklyn Montross avenue, then love it to cab avenue. They love it Aberdeen street. They love it. They love it. They love the L train. They don't love the L train. But like I said, they're stuck with the L trade. Sometimes it gets you. There. But some L train that sometimes works is a lot better than no L train that doesn't work. And that was the plan. They were gonna shut it down fix it up. But I guess only as good as the L train ever ran which was not that good. But it was going to take over year. And this was being called in local media, the L Pakalitha, and it's because the backup plan without the L train was buses, and maybe a couple private cars thrown a donkey or two. There's just no good plan. New York has so much traffic kick over it can't go through it. You gotta go under it. And now the L train wasn't even go go under it. Well, it wasn't up until Andrew Cuomo took the stage because this the L train going offline for fifteen months. This apparently fell under the category of issues that are highly impactful and Andrew Cuomo told us all today that the L train will not be shutting down L Pokka lips. No, they have proposed a new design. To us in the tunnel. It is a design that has not been used in the United States before to the best of our knowledge just as a point of clarification to the best of your knowledge. So there might be a secret giant subterranean infrastructure project that using this design there are fewer than ten subway systems in the United States. I mean, they used to be one in Cleveland, there's not anymore. You got New York Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco, Atlanta. I mean, call one of those guys figure it out have we done this before they haven't done this before the governor continued with this design. It would not be necessary to close the L train tunnel at all not at all no way. Then again, he can't expect us to be that familiar with tunnels because I know many of you are familiar with tunnels and tunnel construction and tunnel design. Okay. Maybe he thinks more of his constituents or the assembled press corps than I do..

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