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Andy cabinets key? Hey, it's Mason in Ireland. I'm back. I was outta here yesterday. I'm just going to be dead on state. Did you say was I I had a colonoscopy? I have to get those because there's a history of in my family. It's what eventually my dad passed away from so encourage everybody, particularly anyone over the age of forty. If you have a history of it in your family, go get a checked in, even if you don't have a history of it, once you hit, fifty regardless, you gotta get a check. I it's literally. Pain in the ass, but it's necessary and I had great doctors. Honestly. So thank you to those guys. I didn't know I had no idea why you weren't here yesterday. I actually assumed it's because you arresting up for tomorrow's double you're actually trying to conserve. He's talking about is we had a spring shootout golf tournament and Travis Rodgers and I wanted to make a bet. So we Travis and I are about the same handicap in golfer, both around ten so we bet that we played head to head and we'd bit the winner would get a free day off and the loser would not only have to do his show, but would have to do his own show, and we were tied after nine holes and then Travis beat me like a drum on the back, he shed eighty one I eighty five and I am more strokes isn't too bad. Very bad back name. But I feel like you Christmas. Is there you can ask them, but I feel like. Travis won it more than I lost it. I that's what I figured, I would shoot and Travis made some big putts did. So he gets freed after Morrow. I'm doing the morning show with key and then I'll be back here. I think with your brother. Yes. At at noon tomorrow, but we got a lot to any, I haven't seen you, I haven't worked with you in a long time. So the first thing and I since I didn't work yesterday. This is the first time I've had a chance to react to the Lakers draft lottery, and boy are the Lakers good at draft lottery. Well, they're good. Now. What happens after it system if you believe in the conspiracy theory, but if you believe in that why weren't the Nixon, the or the Lakers number one, because well, okay a you can't make it too obvious. Or else? People will truly revolt or be. I mean, if you really wanna peel back the layers of the conspiracy onion, the Lakers, get help as do the Knicks with four pick the three pick respectively. But the pelicans get the number one. Overall pick. And it has clearly been, whether it should be or not a mission for the NBA to keep the NBA viable in New Orleans like this has been a thing for the league. And now all of a sudden they've got Zion. So if you wanna do all the layers, the conspiracy onion, there, it is. I know a couple of, of people who were actually in the room, and they've told me, there's just no way you could cheat..

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