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Awesome. and so when we got we got to North Carolina we were there for a little bit and then we went and saw my brother in Virginia I have seen for a while we hung out with Neil for about two weeks. that's not pulling back yard Carolina and then I went job Bob when I got done with that I've got to her friend. in Tennessee in Nashville and we went up and saw him that he's the one who has a son who's a number one guitar player Gee what a joke unbelievable guys he plays very Christian band called the sidewalk profit. and I encourage you to listen to this this kit that he wanted to Tennessee all known and which is a muscle that people were coming up to him and asking how do you get that toned with that guitar and the biggest they could not believe it but anyway that's a success story for him and also why we were there as I said we wanted to Branson Missouri and all the also go Jerry Mister Sussman that's the big thing about Nashville downtown Nashville in some ways it's kinda like chances go but you don't have to worry about stepping into. yeah they don't have the needle issue going on there either absolutely not and you actually. yeah yeah it was just absolutely crazy ness Friday night we went downtown walked around but you you she'll say it was just it's one of those environments yeah siding right so we're headed out today all the Oscars July well a we're going to catch up on interstate eighty we're gonna stay the RV park for a couple days is Iowa and head on down into so where are you in Iowa tell my no the stay pretty well because so you know for a little bit of time I lived in Illinois which is to their east a little bit of time I lived in Missouri which is to their south where are you in the great state Iowa. I wish I were actually still in Illinois but we're about. thirty two miles wide okay well I had my truck. eighty eight Bryan you're probably familiar with eighty eight okay but one of the. do you need yes all about all this is that you know when you retire you can go and do what you want the job itself we don't have to be back home in the actually job the fourth of October and then I then so that we can I do the crazy radio yes I've told you in the past well here's a great thing this is the beautiful thing about technology here you are in Iowa listening to KSFO and we have Lister small of the country do the same dang thing yeah so I absolutely love all of that so I can help people out of course the number one question most people ask me if I understand you California's it yes. well why. why why. are you tell them you're from California the tickets they took a half step backward. well I'll tell you what is. you go to certain people and you get to be friends and they don't mind accountability so those are listening to you do not mind California but surely. J. you're welcome which you just leave that behind. they don't want to get you what you specially if you're older they just don't care for that yeah even if you're a Democrat they they'll they'll tolerate you as long as you're not a progressive or a super liberal seriously in the Midwest that's the way they roll. it is the way they rolled but as I say we don't have to be we all went up. in the crossfire tonight yes I just paid I think seventy or diesel are out here on the road my gosh that's a good that's a that's it let's at least a dollar less the were paying out here you know that. I eat all right I spent quite a bit of money on the on the street but it shop it's almost you do once you get out of California and I will fill up I will show up outside a Reno ed Sheeran certainly not bad I wife and I are actually looking. baby it that area but we'll see but well okay in the meantime keep a smile on your face and the bugs off your barber. well there you go away if you wake up in the morning with a plug on the bumper I I don't know what. thank you you are the best for reading your book on the way Brian the one that you signed for us at planet gate. yeah I'm I'm gonna write plan to gain access I love the atmosphere and all the other planets. have a great day yeah I know I shall just go we call. but he didn't. hang up on yourself Jeez hi. okay there goes right. I'm thinking of all the planets in the all the planets in the solar system there's one right there it's it's that big gaseous planet call gore. it's full of gash also known as your ****. okay so we're looking at the same planet gotcha I think that what you're putting down on KSFO Hey it's Kelly green from your KSFO morning show and one of the things I love the most about the fall it brings change it gets dark earlier the leaves are changing colors and I find it to be the perfect time for me to change things up at my home self I pop into the home consignment center show room and get some ideas to freshen up my home accents like arts maybe a new end table and some other things that can really change the feel of a room and it's so easy because when I'm replacing my fangs I can can sign them right there at the home consignment center I never deal with any strangers and they take care of pick up and delivery plus when was the last time you open your jewelry box and took a good look at some of those pieces that you used to wear but you don't wear anymore you can take them to.

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