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Heart. And it is totally unacceptable. I want to be clear. We are nowhere near, we are nowhere near completing this investigation. Protesters in Atlanta demand the mayor and city council pull back on a proposed plan to build a police safety training center, a protest today was peaceful, but one yesterday became violent and 23 people are now facing domestic terrorism charges. CBS Skyler Henry explained some of the arguments. The city has said that for some time now, police and firefighters have long needed a place where they can do their work in an upgraded facility. Those who are against this say that they want to actually preserve the land, the forest in which this land is. Senator John fetterman, who's being treated for clinical depression, may be away from the Senate for a few more weeks, CBS Nicole Killian reports. Chief of staff says he is well on his way to recovery and grateful for well wishes. Fetterman spokesperson says he's getting brief daily by staff. Japan launched its first new medium lift rocket in three decades but it ended up destroying it after the vehicle's second stage engine failed to ignite. This is CBS News. Nobody should have to pay for one size fits all insurance coverage. Liberty mutual customizes your car and home insurance so you only pay for what you need. Liberty Mutual Insurance. It is ten O three on this Monday March 6th, 46° now getting cloudier, might even have showers for her tonight. So glad you're with us on this Monday evening, I'm Shayna stulen, the top local stories were following this hour. We start this hour with that tug of war between D.C. and Congress over the revised criminal code D.C. council chair Phil mendelssohn is now making a last ditch effort to withdraw the district's new crime bill. He's hoping to avoid a Senate vote that could scrap it, but that may not be enough to stop the vote from happening. WTO's Mitchell Miller is on Capitol Hill. Mendelssohn has written the Senate leadership seeking to pull the new D.C. criminal code, which was recently approved by the council. He also made it clear he doesn't like Congress meddling in a local issue. I don't plan on installing a hotline to the Republican leadership in the House and the Senate and calling them every week and asking for permission to move forward. But the Senate vote set for this week could still move ahead. If it does, it's widely expected lawmakers will vote to rescind the D.C. measure, which Republicans have criticized because it would lighten penalties for crimes, including carjacking and robbery. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller WTO be news. I'm Meghan cloherty, mayor muriel Bowser vetoed the city's revised criminal code before the council overrode that veto and sent the bill to Congress for approval. The bill also included two superfluous policies that did not have the proper hearing or vote in the council. One letting rapists out of prison early and the second allowing people charged with misdemeanors to request a trial. Those things are wrong. And so I believe that there are ways to affix that Bill. I advanced my recommendations to the council, I spoke to the council at nauseum about my objections. But Bowser says, as long as Congress has final approval of D.C. bills, we all have to recognize the context that we're working in and be smart about it. In Adams Morgan, Megan Chloe, a WTO news. The search is on for the man police say sexually assaulted a young girl at knife point in Arlington last night. County police say the girl was attacked in a wooded area at around 9 along south four mile run drive. The girl told police she first noticed a man following her on Columbia pike after the attack, the man ran off and the girl was able to get home and get help. Please say at the time of the attack the man was wearing a black jacket and black or gray sweatpants. Federal aviation investigators say stability issues may have led to the turbulence on a corporate jet which left a cabin John woman dead. 55 year old Dana Hyde was headed to Leesburg from New Hampshire when the plane experienced severe turbulence has happened on Friday. She held prominent posts in two administrations in Washington, last year, the FAA issued an ear worthiness directive for the same model of aircraft following stability problems in certain circumstances. In other news, it is a time of year people are getting outdoors and the National Park Service has some useful advice about staying safe around beers. It's a thrill to see a bear in the wild from a safe distance, but what if the bear sees you and seems interested? There are black bears throughout the forested areas of Virginia, and there are bears and Frederick county, Maryland. The National Park Service advises that if a bear surprises you, stay calm. Stand your ground remain still and talk calmly to the bear. So it knows you're human and not a prey animal. Don't run, don't climb a tree and don't scream and be assured they're attacks are rare. Jake Gilliam WTO news. That is good to know. Tonight, the Jewish holiday of perm starts. It's a holiday full of joy and giving and miracles. One tradition is hearing the story of Queen Esther who helped save the Jewish community in Persia from an evil plot, sometime in the 5th century BCE. The ancient kingdom of Persia was ruled by a powerful capricious, often drunk king named Akash barros. He had this evil adviser named haman who plotted to kill all the Jews of the kingdom, but what Heyman didn't know is that the king's wife was secretly Jewish and she come the Nick of time some in the bravery to foil this evil adviser's plot. That's rabbi Aaron Miller with the Washington Hebrew congregation, other holiday traditions include getting dressed up in costumes, giving out baskets of goodies to loved ones and to neighbors. Giving charity and of course eating hamantaschen, which are those triangle. Cookies, you've probably seen around. Coming up after traffic

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