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Sang a song. So that's the first. That's the first. Good job call. Cramer doesn't sing and Scotty Rogers doesn't sing. Nope. Nobody. Joe. Fredrick doesn't say Karl Kramer didn't he didn't sing anything but Kevin, Kevin Ferry. Congratulations. Thank you very much. Steve Peterson. We've never had somebody sing. I mean, that's that's pretty good. Well, you know what? We We love the cross at Mary Mod Boys and girls. We're going to do it again next year. Mark Kevin's words. Is that true? Kevin, you're gonna How bout it bout it. Repeat with a repeat, Repeat, Repeat out on field working. Bring it on, you'll be back again. And so the team doesn't play next year until when? March or April February. February. What about me coming out in February to see if I can score on Luke Brennaman? I think you should do that. I think he would be very open to that challenge. How much of a net do I have to work with? It's like a soccer net. Six by six, baby like I asked. Dad, What are you crazy? I need a soccer. Well, yeah. Maybe we'll let you try on a soccer net. Get him on a soccer net selling this Six by six Sounds like a casket trying to be accurate. That's it and I got I got to get all dressed up to don't I sure we'll put you in gear. Do I need to be a great picture? Well, then we'll have you sing a song. Five. Andre by one day, gentlemen. But congratulations of the boys and girls. Thank you very much. Segment. Get me out of the student report honoring Mary, Mont the Warriors, boys and girls on the same day a couple hours apart both when state lacrosse titles undefeated, untied unscored on Willie, we want to say Happy birthday to a young Wilma. Today. She works 40 hours.

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