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Justin Herbert finding Dylan Mitchell. Twenty eight yards for the score Oregon edges. Michigan state seventy six to win the red box bowl ducks first team to win a ball game without scoring ten or more points since two thousand eight what about the Hyundai sun bowl and El Paso at featured Stanford against Pittsburgh and this down to the fourth quarter with a very quirky finish Dane Jackson at six foot one eighty five on Kostelic. Garlic. Touchdown. I guess. Rather be lucky than good. Golani Stanford radio network from learfield. Panthers had stopped cardinal quarterback. Jake Stella when I go from the two forcing the fumble which tailback Cameron scarlet recovered in the end zone for the score. In Stanford takes the sun bowl and unconventional way. Beating pit fourteen to thirteen. It was a wild one of the military bowl at Annapolis between Cincinnati and Virginia Tech second a goal. It's a pass wide open in the end zone. Caught the tight end. Chris Cunningham touchdown Virginia Tech on a two yard pass by Ryan Willis and the hokies go back in front marquess shirt with the call on ESPN radio. The game would come down to the final two minutes tight formation on the left hash or and has it looking for whole finds it at the five spins toward the goal line. And he's in for the touchdown. Michael Warren with a minute twenty nine to go. Eight yard touchdown run to put the Bearcats in front and that was the game winning scores. Cincinnati gets passed Virginia Tech thirty five to thirty one in the. The military bowl. That's changed. Exempt get to the NBA right now rockets in grizzlies in Houston, James harden has also become the.

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