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Light. So according to Cleveland, dot coms, Mark bona this out, it's going to shake down. We're looking at picture, but lights vice president marketing. Andy Gahler announced Tuesday that the company is placing victory refrigerators in strategic areas around Cleveland will automatically open when the Browns win a game, ten victory fridges which are eight feet tall hold roughly two hundred beers off. Yeah. Brian. Harland's Canadian so work. But this is an indicator I was talking about this check on good sports. The Browns are named after Paul Brown, but they made their uniforms Brown. And if you ask anybody now, why are they called the Browns? They go, well, they're paying Brown. Let's call them if I'm Paul, Brown color but Brown. Right? Because I wanna go wise team name the Brown. We had a great owner coach back in the fifties. He was a hero, fine. Air Davis falls heightened of the league. You away to get your name to go away for sure. Is to is to name. All right. It's pretty rare that you're, you know, you got white, got, you know, Jack white, got Brian, got Jack black guys, Jackie Brown. So you have to. It's pretty rare that your name be color, but if it does, it is and you got putting it on the side of a team and you're not putting it should say poll on the side of the guys helmet, but just orange and Brown pants Brown. And now you know the whole thing, just the Brown color around why that away from that. Don't wanna do is Brown. It's not really a color. It's just it's like the e or of colors. Thanks for noticing me. Very colorful on the same color is dead leaves and skid marks, and what happens when you blot down on the ground and some guy from the bay area, PU patrol comes around the scooper. Trying to get you off the field. You get hauled into the channels in Nonni patterns just doing his job, she'd sponsor the Browns is UPS and because they've already got the slogan, what is Brown done for you lately? You know nothing on Brown on for your late. Thing. Get free beer if they win. Knocks. Yeah. Who where they featuring Brown? They are. Okay. Not a. Not a winning environment there cultivating there, do we talk about it here that you have to volunteer in? If not, the NFL will pick one? Unsure there. Some sort of coma has to be like a struggling little engine that could team sometimes. Yes. Now the Cowboys twice. Yeah, team. Yeah. They're usually usually not upper tier recently, not the upper tier teams, but a great show. What's nice on. On. Greg question Munns DVR it. I'm sure. Okay, I got ya. If you put Brown and adopted any of the other team names just put Brown would work like Brown eagles Brown, patriots Broncos, Brown Bronco. Anything like any? Just put Brown. Something Brown on its own is like I wanna roll off a cliff and land on a fat kid. I had a seventeen eighty guy, I think, had a patriots, a patriot slightly racist. You can look for that. If speaking fan kids, I went out of you ever gone out with a with a hefty girl like a plus size little bit. Not really. I had an audit experience. I want out whether she was Buta plus sized girl. But if you ever heard of this thing the Muffin top, she had a Muffin top on her forehead. Wasn't yearly stands down. I had to lift it up to stare in her eyes and be romantic. It was literally a Muffin tat honor for head. Yeah, stretch marks on the sides of her mouth love to eat unbelievable humor really. Well, I told it the beginning of the bit. She was plus size and maybe. That's right. She sat around the house. Yeah, seafood diet. All right, let's bring it home. You got it. I'm Gina grad, and that's the news, the international Jew, the world's problem. That was the.

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