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In New South Wales warned third lives and homes would be at risk with no let up in the high temperatures strong winds and low humidity a powerful cyclone has killed several people as it hit the border region between India and Bangladesh India reported two deaths qualities three Bangladeshis were killed by falling trees about two million people spent the night in storm shelters a cyclone Google made landfall between India's cigar islands and capoeira in Bangladesh the British internet stock K. aside has beaten his American rival the can pour in a much hyped boxing match in Los Angeles the two celebrities who have huge followings on social media will walk away with prize money of more than eight hundred thousand dollars each annex Richmond has this report the battle to crown the toughest internet personality round the full six rounds and ended in a points victory for the British you cheap stock KSI the balance was a grudge rematch which followed to drool forces Amasis in Manchester last year prior to his boxing career KSI made his name uploading videos of himself playing the computer game FIFA Logan pool previously made headlines when he filmed himself discovering a suicide victim in Japan whether the fight was Randall just on for the publicity the TV revenues are estimated by some pundits at more than a hundred million pounds I was Alex Ritson reporting BBC news welcome to in the balance this week coming to you from the city of Kilkenny in Ireland and the home of the kill economics economics and comedy festival I'm Laurie cassman judge we.

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