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About the Georgia bulldogs recent How do we say Less than great performances on the football field. You know it's always always good watchdogs. Lynn go dogs ever. We had our little stint. We had our little stint with South Carolina other than that smooth sailing lease amount of Alabama Fan. uh-huh I've been to Athens on Game Day. I went to a night game Athens. It gets crazy around their man like people credible prepare people forbid tell us tell us take us to a game day in Athens riot. It's there's nothing like it. There's nothing like a game day in Athens. It's my favorite day. The week I absolutely love energy. Everybody super excited. Everybody's on the same page. Everybody's nice everybody's feeding you at their tailgates. It's incredible I've I've nothing. Like Athens happened. Find Game Day. One thing. That shocked me about Athens Game Day especially all the female fans that were there. The all the dress up up in the northeast in the northeast. It's cold out. People dress up to go to football games. Tell them about that aspect tailgate matthews. Yeah it's like the football red carpet over in Athens on the carpet. Yeah awesome so do you think they have a legitimate chance. If they went out to get the college playoff you saw Alabama lose yesterday the look I always have faith in my dogs forever for life I will say I will say nothing negative I I have one hundred percent faith in them so.

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