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Tea and I should green tea helps the immune system recognize viruses in general and that's a good thing right now you want to do you're going to two or three times a day so green tea is something you can do we have to green tea on special the help immune system recognizes viruses in general I happen to do green tea every day I'll tell you why in a second lingering to catch the risk of developing plaque in the arteries and heart disease I'm suffering with a heart attack or stroke there's a lot of good evidence for this but green tea also Koch Pollock brisk and I'm gonna tell you about one specific study was fake it was a very interesting study very credible study people who develop polyps in the colon always develop additional Polish these things don't happen in a vacuum so they took a large number of people I forgot how many maybe it was a hundred who develop polyps to head the polyps removed you know they had a colonoscopy to remove the polyps cause colon cancer generally comes from Apollo politicians should walk its growth they can convert over colon cancer but it takes time for that to happen political apology like them to call for a colonoscopy every two years show all whole bunch of people who develop polyps half and then they put on green tea capsules twice a day the other half they didn't green tea only prevented additional polyps from growing strongly what is evidence that green tea prevents colon cancer well that's good I like that but there is good evidence will show that it prevents prostate cancer and that's why I take green tea every day there's heart attacks in my family I know green tea culture risk of heart attacks because we don't because these people had a heart attack years ago before we knew all the stuff we know today that triggered a heart attack well I don't know what caused my father to have a heart attack I don't know what clothes where the brother to have an older brother died of a heart attack I don't know Greentree cuts risk of heart attack that's good for me I'd rather not have one but the other thing is green to cut risk of prostate cancer pretty strongly pretty strongly they did a study through Winthrop Memorial Hospital over here Anna Mineola went for a more real is an excellent hospital they've been studying coronavirus that been studying viruses in general they do a lot of great research and they did a study on on a swollen prostate over there our doctor catch very famous urologist I think his practice as in Garden City or somewhere around Garden City but he works over at Winthrop Winthrop armorial overturn Mineola and when he gave people a green tea capsule I don't know if he used mine but it sounded like it was exactly the same as mine which surprised me it was like the exact same make up his mind how to save Medicare to concerts several and help put prostate symptoms these guys have been getting up to go to the bathroom a bunch of time tonight because of the swollen prostate they weren't getting up at night but what I'm more interested in as well to studies on green tea and prostate cancer does a lot of at LSU Louisiana State University well known for their football and that UCLA David Geffen school of medicine there were actually helping treat prostate cancer patients will green team and both studies of these guys were going to have their prostates removed within the following month to get rid of their prostate cancer so they put half in Amman green to the other half they didn't and it was a two separate places two separate times not the same study one study at LSU one study at UCLA in California in both studies the pathologist said the green tea was taking away to mo Jo of the colon cancer of the prostate cancer the green tea was taking away to Moshe order prostate cancer of the prostate cancer was weakening prostate cancer cells were dying it was preventing prostate cancer from evolving into something dangerous and life threatening this very good stuff understudies out of Italy and men at high risk of prostate cancer and men at high risk for prostate cancer when they gave them the green tea capsules at strongly cut back on the number of men who develop prostate cancer and the first RD these men had hi great ten panels prosthetic intraepithelial neoplasia cells in the prostate or changing their mutating they're becoming bad they're going in a better direction when I gave him a green tea capsule only three percent of all prostate cancer but on placebo thirty percent of all prostate cancer within one year trump really meant something honest to studies like that so I'm doing a green tea capsule every day to prevent prostate cancer but I also know that lowers my risk of stroke my.

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