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Morning Tuesday. January the twenty second other very very frigid morning with a high of only about twenty six degrees today. But man, we've got a long way to go. We're only at six degrees right now. And you got a feel for those poor people on a quick island apparent low pressure gas situation leading to over seven thousand homes they're going without heat during this incredibly cold stretch national grid reported on Monday night was suspending the service for customers. Mostly in the city of Newport. Because of transmission supply issue from the utilities, natural gas supplier, the grid says it expects to deploy over a thousand workers and support personnel to assist in the restoration effort. The company says doesn't really know how long this interruption will last, but that it will likely take multiple days. That's what they had to say of all times only six degrees right now. So the governor declared the. Date of emergency from Newport county because of this natural gas situation there find a warm spot will you city of Newport, urging people to reach out and check in on friends and family to seek shelter and any area hotel, the gut at middle school and the Ryan center in Kingston, by the way of warming centers. Should he says national grid will be providing reimbursement for overnight stays and area lodging now because of this real cold weather? We got some school announcements public schools on a one hour delay Burrillville. Cumberland Johnston Lincoln Smithfield in the northern Rhode Island collaborative while one socket schools there a two hour delay this morning. There's no schooling foster-glocester north Smithfield or Newport, Newport, dealing with that natural grid gas outage. And if you're traveling today, you best check in with your your airliner. Okay. Your carrier because she got a one two punch working against you. You got this weather which cancelled a ton of flights yesterday. And then you got all these TSA workers are calling in sick ten. Percent of the workforce for TSA. Now, it's up that high. Well, then I getting paid a lot of them don't even have enough gas. They don't have gas money to get to work as the partial government shutdown continues. And because of that you best keep an eye out for opportunists with robocalls. And here's Susan Campbell. From eyewitness.

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