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Funny. It's such a great little great little secrets. They are. You guys ready for shelter box sure thanks Oh we should talk about the we have yet to actually talk about the intro of Captain Blue. When Joe is I talking to them because I think that's worth mentioning sure I remember? I don't remember it. I remember I remember like it's so funny to me. Joe Get sucked into the movie and this is what he's like. I meeting captain blue having lose like Joe. I need you to be the next euro and he's like no way you can't in blue. Oh jagged autograph. No anyways your view watch standout lines to me and it's like off to cut off the dialogue a little early uh-huh. I don't remember that but then I I wasn't paying attention too much that was going on other than the fighting in this game the first time that was like the first moment again that really really made me laugh out loud legitimately start laughing which is rare usually when I'm like watching a show or even watching like really good stand up that I really really enjoy like somebody that I haven't seen it before from comedian. I really like I'll be like yeah. That's funny. I won't laugh like nonstop but then when he was like as soon as Kevin Blue said no I was like. Ah Yes this is going to be this name. They own it from that point on. It doesn't get any less money all right. I wonder what Mice GonNa Save for shelter box right. I think you know I'll I'll go first. I'M GONNA say box because fuck this shit game but I never want to suffer like this again. If I want to suffer I'll put my hand in boiling hot water than play this game again. Oh God yeah put like a glittering there and then they'll be extreme. Maybe it's a cool game. Just don't have the time to want to Redo a level over and over over and over again because I'm just yeah now. That's part of it it just I can't I thought it was older adult but okay figure this out. I have no time and I just the game. Just didn't do it for me and I I never wanna put it again. This is my second copy of the game because I was too lazy to take out. My first copy of they have been in storage bought an on Ebay so I have two copies of the same. No one's going to be in a box. That's where they will say. I want you Sam said it's funny like if it wasn't for like I I'm not quite sure would have stood if I if I hadn't like then figured it out and and beaten to game finally after all these years I forgot to mention I saw my original safe files ten years old two years old. I was like Oh my God. I'm eating. This is her but like there was something about it like even though it was unbelievably hard and punishing the the rest of the game just worked so well that I felt myself wanting to come back to it eventually and that's why I told I do like you guys. Bring me on because I wanNA WANNA play this game again this excuse for you to play the game. He didn't want us to play for the pockets. You just want an excuse for I needed to be that you don't understand like this. Is something about it. Man It just it's the I._p.. Is Awesome and I'd love to see more of it. Signs a shelf. This game wasn't originally on schedule originally just supposed to be lion king and then we changes to this game. They'd probably a good decision. Yes I agree but I would wait lying. We'll see we'll see what the numbers are. All of a sudden we get a shitload of Fan Mail. Eight male wanted lion game with the Hell uh-huh Stewart about you so I I'm GonNa put this Michelle. I this game kicked by ass but likes in like same as I am a survival horror famous I in a survival vital horror fan. I'm a horror fan games. I'm a horror fan and so I've got that like Stockholm Syndrome where the harder game is generally the more I enjoy so you have that in common with someone else on the show I mean if somebody came up and punched me in the face and be like I love you felt this more shelf. It's hard and it's I mean it's beyond on artists crazy difficult but the visuals of the cinematic invoice behind it all the little the little lightness jokes and Easter eggs and can't just the visuals are so strong I mean it's like it's all it's. It's not quite sell she. I guess but it's it's got almost like a cartoony. Look to it like an animal look. It's just so fun in such a good design that it's gotta go Michelle. I I just yeah I love it the music's great we didn't even talk about the music. I love all bumping. I didn't listen it's hanging it. Some banging tunes there might and how everything was again. It's it's every time a game is is weird. You know it's GonNa go on my shelf. No matter what and this is a weird game. How about you Steffan? This was kind of weird because like I enjoy heart games like I just beat resonable seven on madhouse and that was a lot of fun like I said You your games what I like about. I think what I like about hard difficulty. Though is that like requires some sense of skill so I feel like I have the skill to accomplish that and resin resin evil but like when I was playing beautiful Joe I didn't feel that way at all. Oh Man I just getting lucky on the point. You feel like you're in control of why forget right now you just reminded me of Gray Fox from metal gears like hurt me more but yeah I didn't. I didn't feel like I was agree. Energized with happiness that I accomplished any level just like thank thank God that's fucking over and because of that I'm putting it in the box just because of that feeling but I I on the on the bigger scope of it though I do love the game delay the animation and when Jos like antics of carrying about anything on any level captain blue as a Cougville and even though you saw that twist coming a mile away I am they tell you they tell you that there's GonNa be a plot twist right and and are they also tell you what was they also tell you that there's going to be plots and define it wrong when they say plot win is when like the heroes are at their lowest that's Outta. Plots mist means yeah so so I think like ninety ninety the other ninety percent of this game I loved especially like when you would slow down time and like a helicopter. It'd be shooting bullets a you and it was like the Matrix you're dodging it and stuff like that is awesome and I'm glad Capcom took a chance on this I._p.. To actually bring it out to us because I did enjoy my first time playing it back in high school but this time going in the box we're belongs game is going to be anytime. I've talking about <hes> graphic design now from jail yep and before we move on to talk about what we're GONNA to mention next week. I think we deserve a shark FAC about you guys. I got some right now actually God you've got one because I was like oh shit you gotta Google so we're going to bring you all intents and purposes. We have here remember I'll show you some of each each Wales. Sharks spot pattern one is unique as a fingerprint and also. I didn't know that and last one different shark species reproducing different ways see the trouble with the trump. This segment is I never know what I'm trying to think of like a facts like I can't think of it during the week because I can't remember if it's a fact I said before or if it's just a fact I've heard a lot since I live literally live at the beach. I hear a lot of friends CEEFAX. Oh is this something like I wrote down to like the podcast somebody told me like why am I remembering this. Don't feel bad I don't I mean I'd never even kept track what we did for shelf or box yet and one day I should really make an excel spreadsheet and figure out what the hell we brought this. I've constantly got like ten offs was going to my head and I'm like I said more on the show. which was US Stephan you on interviews? What we're playing next week? Yes we are playing <hes> SEGA CD game made by it Deo Kojima assigned <hes> it's called snatcher interesting all know as much about it as we do so blade runner i. I'm very excited for next week and I think that's going to be awesome. Talk about that game. Special guests have any plugs you wanna you WanNa mention sandwiches the guest before I get going I the only thing I would say out the listeners out there. If you get a chance to <hes> come onto this show. It's a lot of fun. It's a lot of fun to talk to these guys and it's always a pleasure to be able to <hes> guest and thank you guys again for bringing me on for a second time. I had a lot of fun game fun. Yeah play a game. That's pretty easy and enjoyable and doesn't make you want to stab yourself in double balcony. Support mass is going to be like Oh. I can't like I want to be on the show and emails. You're playing all of even souls and dark souls this week. I've fallen it before before we wrap up. We follow us on Facebook instagram constantly images of the images for the game that we got cup coming to the show to kind of get you a little background before you listen into US Jabber on for an hour and also want to give a quick shout out to our wonderful intro altro that we have courtesy of Boby Aka Mike Stony it is cool kids go from his EP by bullet a racially that is usually follow him on youtube and you can five more episodes like this on stitcher wherever you did find this. We have a bunch of different things we're doing. We're starting to a few more special. Who have a comic book show that we already released? We have a movie one. We're GONNA have more movies more comic special coming out along with our regular weekly episode treaty guys if we just want to because it's we want keep making you more content and keep you guys listening to us because this fun thing about my plugging lugging Baldy isn't the structure of that plug changes just in time for anyone that listen. It's not written out anywhere anywhere I just remember it and I've said it almost like what now right about twenty times or fifteen times now. I'm always like Oh there. It is every single week I'm like. I don't think that's how he said. Last time might not be process and I go back in the episode like No. It's not it's slightly different. It's just the slightest change at some point. We're going to get him on the show. At some point we signed great and then we put together season three. We got a lot of people that were we gotta get on his show in the future. Yeah I mean we've <unk> album sure we've mentioned it before but yeah we were just opened up to a cavalcade of guests this boy so anyway just messages because we kind of like our format now is just going to have random guests on all the time we have everything pretty planned out ahead of time for the show yeah so you don't have to listen to the three of us being I guess we have. I don't hate his guts because he made me play a game from Hell. Normally which game this you likely we very much 'cause I'm GonNa be pressuring students bringing Maury titles that finish them and for almost most R. E. titles..

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