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David ranking. We're live in the Mercedes Benz plano news center as we've been talking about in the news. And in the traffic new information now on what happened at the Fort Worth stockyards? Let's get the latest manner Greenstein Andrew. David this happened at the intersection of main street and exchange avenue. That's at the entrance of the Fort Worth stockyards. We just now got a briefing from sergeant Chris Brit. He says police were pursuing a burglary suspect driving a stolen pickup truck. Brit says that man was going southbound on main street at a high rate of speed when he plowed into several vehicles at the traffic light out exchange. Now, an innocent woman who is in a Jeep Wrangler was killed at the scene. Five others were taken to hospitals with non-life threatening injuries or a total of seven vehicles involved in this crash. The inside the stolen pickup truck. There was that male driver. And they're also to women who are passengers inside. That pickup truck, we don't know their involvement at this time in any potential burglaries sergeant bread also said that the pursuing officer is very very destroyed, and he calls this a very bad day for the Fort Worth police department. Reporting live at the Fort Worth stockyards, Andrew Greenstein NewsRadio. Ten eighty KRLD. Time to check pump wash right now to to thirty two in Duncanville. That's at the cost gone sixty seven and mainstream are stations that didn't see the massive increase that we saw in just the last week to thirty four in Rockwall. The Murphy express on I thirty in white hills. And it's a two thirty four in Fort Worth at the cost. Call into Hama ridge Parkway, north Tarrant Parkway current price of a gallon of gas spite eight and a half cents this week alone. Two to sixty six in Dallas to sixty four in Fort Worth this weekend. You can celebrate canines and cars and climb to remember Teixeira has the to do list. Don day afternoon, presented by operation kindness. Is happening this Saturday from ten to one the operation kindness animal shelter in Carrollton artists for animals presents Mozart in the skies fundraiser.

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