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Ryan. And they went to something in that town that they just loved your father, really one of the funniest things ever. My dad did a live radio show. Okay. And so it started every time he'd take his little thing scotch, you know, about a fifth scotch whatever in there with him. Yeah. And start drinking and start off a little mellow by the end of that show who the scotch was guy it I mean eight ever cared. And I think it was like the number one, you know, just talk show in the country, not just Philadelphia no in the country. So it was just must you know? But the thing about him, he sees so genuine in the fan base related to him so much because why no he was you know, he he was going to tell you the truth. And at least what he believed to be the truth and he never cared. What the consequences? It was one of these, you know, ready fire aims and trust me. I've done that a few. By self. But that was who he was. And that was the genuine buddy. Ryan, let's not forget now he was a Master Sergeant in the Korean war at eighteen years old. So he was lead men in a battle for the lives. They're not a phoney bone in my my father's body. And you know, what to me I think that's what I've inherited. And I think the same thing when which win brother, it's great you touched on already. But Ray Lewis. What what would you say it was that made him as good as he was passion? The first thing. I think of is passion. And the thing about Ray was it was never about him. It was always about us in. That was what he brought to the to you know to that team. He was the Baltimore Ravens. You might recall greenie. He was available as free agent. But I knew the impact he had on that community in on that football team. I couldn't bring him here because. No, he he needed to stay about more raven forever. And that's because that's who you associate that team with we were going to do our own thing with jets. But I was just so fortunate to be around him I was around him for ten years. And so my greatness went Beal say, oh, this guy's a great player. And all that. No, no, no. This guy. You know greatness to me makes others around him better. That's what this guy was. He was a leader more than anything else. You know, we all know in my opinion. No better middle linebacker in the history of the game. Then Ray Lewis in in. I know the old school crowd will say dick buckets, I really never saw dick Butkus play. But what I did see is how Ray Lewis took a locker room and just, you know, even when he was done his last year plan he almost will that team to a Super Bowl championship. And it just they're very few people like this so fortunate to be around, and then Rivas if you were to if I were to ask you who is the greatest. Defense of player you ever coached. Is it Ray is close. He's definitely close. And you know, I've been I've been so blessed to be around so many great players hall of fame players and all that. But rebus had is big impact is you can make on a team the time that I had him when he was healthy. We saw what what happened to her team when when he went down and like week three or whatever it was we couldn't recover from it in. It's like a corner. But here's the thing. You'll lose games fastest at quarterback and cornerback. And when we when we lost him, we we couldn't overcome it. And then a final question and one that I know reverberate with you to your core as football person the way the game is played today. The way the game is -ficiating today..

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