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Hey jess. It's Jen always jen. Then here I am Fat Mascara in the House. We're Kinda always in your house or your ears. What are you doing right now? You're listening to us. I WANNA know. Somebody's cleaning their the house for sure. I like to clean and Sarah. You missed a spot. What if there's a girl named Sarah out there cleaning? I'm sure there is no actually. I wouldn't mind if you guys deemed. Amd or US whatever and let us know what you're doing except for the people that keep telling me that they fall asleep to us which I'm both flattered and like very. SM ARE VIBES. Will they like listening to our voices but then just like fade out so they probably missed the end of the PODCAST. When do you listen to podcasts? Most me on the commute via me commute and getting ready in the morning cleaning leaning definitely claiming so are so. We've got a lot to talk about today. What's on deck we do? We'll I I wanted to update you before I tell you our topics and we talk about our guest. I haven't update eight to last week's episode. Oh are the which segment the one to Oughta. Oh the Laurie up Harris. Okay if you guys remember we like went on and on about the one to water fine. I mentioned there was another brand that I thought was making similar product that I was going to try so I did that. In the weeks since we've recorded it's called the Merimo Magic in ten seconds water treatment treatment and miracle ten okay. The name is water treatment and Miracle Tent. And you're GONNA put a link to this on our blog. I will indeed. They sold on Amazon and things. So when I saw this and I had the packaging that was very similar learn and this one was called a ten second. Water actually came out before the Laurie. Al Product so I don't I don't know if that's important to share with people with L'OREAL technology is proprietary. So I was. How could it be the same? It is very very similar. When is the same texture? When how much is it? How much does it cost actually twenty six dollars a lot less expensive but when you put it on it uses? This uses the technology to put the ingredients where you need them. Only the ingredients that one's using his much more natural for oil things. It's not what you mean the Laurie Al One is ill Lori. Alan I think is amino acids in protein or proteins. I believe my tell this bells. Yeah I don't know if this is Miller technology but it seemed very similar and they're using natural ingredients but targeted Distribution of them. When you put it on your hair has the same texture even warms up a little bit like chemistry working rinses out gave me almost similar amount of shine but I felt like it way down my hair a little bit more definitely? It wasn't swinging as the Laurie Allen and it's more than twice the place I do want to give credit because this one did come out before so I don't know if they were inspired over at Laurie al or what but so I feel like we're gonNA see some more. Even more of these wonder waters. I agree with you. I don't think the Miller technology though is like a trademark or proprietary right lake morale getting these ingredients into a water type formula that rinses clean the delivery system. You've got it so my update on that okay. If other things talk about jess our resident redhead has some hair color tips for her fellow redhead and then Justin I both watched separately. Not even knowing. We're both GonNa be while knows funny. The netflix documentary called broken. And there's an episode on Counterfeit Megan that we need to discuss. Okay and then our guest today as we've been working on this episode for a long time..

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