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Quit and then we had day your brand Van Ryan says you saw a show show I was like it was like being thirteen I don't know man it's been a while since I've been speechless well I'd Gimmick because clearly that is is over and you are perfect for that I ah I suggested it did you know yeah and a the is that what you're doing so consciously consciously tried to bring back the banks and obviously today fans this is going to be a smackdown heavy show then I can't believe what we saw Mark Henry I mean from start to finish from pacing off first of all I got thank God a had last night thank you oh this is so good line of of of talking right there right where you say I want to thank God for that roster we want to talk about right but but mark this is something we've talked about before I think back to like moments in your career right like what had if this hadn't happened well how this they don't show up until essentially at the very last minute like they had they cut it as me timing mark it it's hard to really state what exactly happened you know on twitter mark that there is also the chance like in a perfect world may be the absolutely this Saturday show looks completely different than it did from last night and mark I we'll be talking about crown jewel and all of the things that happened the crown jewel even though crown jewel was a successful we came Velazquez and brock leads all the way to the finish with the fien acing up and being the first two women to perform arrested imagine Saudi say the plane was delayed in Saudi they eh invasion getting ready for how in the world survivor series takeover that's coming up and has already happened this is GonNa be there's got man I'm this Christmas this Chris this it's an through the next three hours but think about how they set it up annexed he arrives mark and turning new with this I mean now you know well right but right but you don't know it that's the best feeling I'm telling you that's heelys and skateboard and you know some new video all kinds of gifts that you that but last night on his show and then Brock Lesnice says I quit oh wait a minute and and that was the beginning absolutely and it was it was a callback right it was the little things it was the Nawab last night is about as perfectly done as you can possibly it's a bad thing that it ended I don't know when the last time in the feeling that I had something like that where I was like I can't even if it's a week or a couple of weeks a month or whatever if it's it's the it's the coming see this because we're going to be talking about these next call ups and these moments that each one backed by reports this roster this roster what a police escort to get them to the building one person I spoke with edit they could not have cut it any closer wrestle if you're to Moscow champion Adam Cole if you're Shane Obeys or take your pick they woke up this morning I don't main roster debuts on late notice on freaking about being ready to step up and take those brass rings and take the ball when it's Hannity Mark I that you have to be over prepared you can't just be prepared you gotta be over fucking prepared that's re- rogers be over there's he's wearing blue oh man I don't have to wear a blue I got rid in my back connects t to be prepared I was always worried about people that people just don't know about yet right and we've talked about how safe it would be probably half of the raw smackdown rosters this is the only one that never lost so everybody's GonNa fine and that's that's and you know what INEX- during a smaller arena and in Orlando.

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