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Now i'm i'm really so fascinated because i know you have a star chamber and all sorts of great things i've never been there but it sounds amazing and you still see patients right you know it's just my everyday life yeah a day in the life of the unknowable norms you you have a new book out called conversations with g and i love this that you it took you thirty years to come out with this book tell me what it's about and why took his along to talk about it well you know basically in nineteen eighty four one night i woke up you usually wake up at midnight but i jumped out of bed because i was hearing voices and i'm sitting at my desk tried to take notes of the voices i'm hearing and one of them was my personal angel we all have a personal angel i don't think you could be born into this world and jelly guide and i'm maryelle and shortly after that i met another angelic guide oh my call g for guide who began as my teacher and he he called himself a a male angel and he is the one for instance who gives me information like the the copper pyramid i mentioned a little earlier i was over in holland one day out jogging and i got this image of copper pyramid went back in lower pay in a day later he said oh by the way no the where do you think would you got yesterday came from that i thought it was mine he's put it there to do research and that was the beginning of my work with human dna frequency and rejuvenating ultimately the telomeres it led to that work so is this guy a bit of a medical guide and i mean i've got five beds that he's he's giving me i have five and they came to me through g is it in the middle of the night still or does it anytime it can be sometimes that's what the rings of fire came from do you have any way of summoning this energy or asking questions g now he said to me what every thought that you every invasion that you've had.

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