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Abide by our laws, There will be increased patrols, and he promises laws will be strictly enforced at Hampton Beach, Karen Regal WBZ Boston's NewsRadio, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, BSO, announcing that instead of holding their July 4th show on the banks of the Charles River at the Hat Shell in Boston that Pops wants to play in front of a limited audience at Tanglewood, the show that will be live, streamed and broadcast live. There will be no fireworks at Tanglewood, but the show will be followed. By live fireworks display from the Boston Common. Last year's live show, and fireworks were canceled because of the covid 19 pandemic. A new sighting of a black bear on the South shore known as Boo boo, that story just ahead back to the roads right now, 10 33 traffic and weather together the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. And Robert, You see, Tina, we're looking at slow down, John. The expressway headed shot down very heavy here. We had reports of delays, Stan By the off ramp tune, Aponte said. There could be a breakdown in that area. Traffic is jammed up as we can see here from our camera back around Columbia Road, seven Hill, and it looks very slow down to know Ponch it the nor found side of the expressway little busy in the concert in Colombia and then massive to the O'Neill Tunnel. Ruth Research found his sluggish after route 18 down to Derby Street and hang him. Not bad at the sag more 25 easily busy at the born bridge just on the bridge itself, not seeing any big delays in the lower end of 1 28 through determined Needham out west of town, the pike West looks good out towards Milbury, a little slow on the eastbound side of the pikey still from a crash working in the Brimfield stretch to allow some extra time there, or I should say the Warren stretch about 2 to 3 miles before 84 on the Pike East. 2 90 east to 90 West, Rather is slow passing work crew That's 2 90 west after 1 40. Route two West is heavy with roadwork after 1 11 in Harvard, Rob Hecla WBC's traffic on the.

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