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His game logs during the middle of the season but he finished with a twenty six tonight touch down two interception ratio and three hundred and forty nine yards and two scores is well on the ground this guy had three games of four touchdowns last year the explosiveness is there a guy that i'm really looking at is down in tampa entering his third season that guy of course is jamus winston twenty nine total scores last season and he should blow passed that this year he's got a crowded beal mike evans at his disposal and now the sean jackson joins the parade down in tampa dirt car was a guy i was talking about a lot less last year and while the rehder won't last until the seventh round like many including myself took him last year he may be there after the early rush on quarterbacks car should improve on his 28 scores and nearly four thousand yards in 2016 now this is the mystery to me every a year this guy seems to drop and it makes no sense to me ben roethlisberger eight seems every single year people are trying to degrade this guy he's average draft position is 12 but check this out big ben was six in the league and touchdown passes last year with twenty nine any miss two games now with all the weapons it his disposal including everybody's consensus number one wide receiver i look for another big year out of big ben and finally matthew stabber his forty three touchdowns twelve interception ratio in twenty four games under jim bob cooler is stellar and with the return of amirov dula and a deeper wide receiving core stafford may be a good candidate to wait on draft day four there's some value there you get him later in a draft i expect a nice bump on his 24 scores from 2016 as well that is your first fantasy football reported the season i'm sean belief all the fantasy player during a complete frenzy right now are you kidding me what about the draft are we approaching that right now well i would imagine sell you know steve i know what you love it with the wrong side every fibre of steve courtney being he loves your seat i tell everybody yearinyearout any zeke he'll ellie is a perfect example of.

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