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Next story is about professional, boxing, an ear, nose, and throat specialist and dominatrix. You can't make this stuff up. Here's only games, Gary Wallich, Linda doll moved to the Bronx in nineteen ninety eight to begin a medical residency there. She treated victims of gun and knife violence every day and would come home from the hospital. You know, after having experienced real violence and it'd be met with these images of more violence at home dolls, husband was an avid boxing fan. She began watching televised matches with him in June of two thousand. They watched the welterweight title fight between defending champion Oscar de LA Hoya, and Shane Mosely on pay per view. The was fascinated by Moseley and he was so quiet and reserved and almost gracious in a prefight interview Moseley asked a rhetorical question. Why be afraid of what you want that. Resonated with doll very much so because I don't think I really thought about the world in those terms. I wasn't thinking about what I wanted. I was just thinking about what I was obligated to do. That's from a first generation immigrant mentality, but also as a physician, it was all about responsibility. Doll was an easy target in the highly competitive and mostly male world of surgical residency. Her upbringing in a Syrian family, trying and often failing to assimilate in North Dakota, imbued her with a go along to get along approach to life. She was ill prepared for the power struggles between residents. Is incredible. Moseley upset till a Hoya for the title and boxing captured. Linda dolls, imagination. She began thinking about what she really wanted a happy marriage, respect, professional accomplishment, a better paying job by two thousand four. She was divorced and working in a well established private practice on the upper east side. One day she asked patient about his line of work. She did that at the beginning of every exam in he mentioned that he used to work for HBO sports, and for some reason, it just clicked in my head and immediately just blurted out. I want to be a fight doctor to achieve responded. Why when I do this and he said, all right, I'm gonna make some phone calls because they love the idea of a woman doing this. They were the New York State Athletic Commission dollar mmediately submitted her paperwork, and then nine months later, I got a phone call with an assignment. Gol would work her first matches a fight doctor at a charity event. On October fourteenth, two thousand four. I was ringside and it was incredible. I was terrified. The surprising part of it was that I felt so excited by the hitting and the sound of the hitting and the look in their eyes and how they transformed into these different people when they're in the ring. I had never even seen a life fight. I knew nothing about the rules. I didn't even know what doctors did. She leaned over to one of the other fight doctors and asked for help. It kept saying their book is training manual and he said, no, you just kinda show up and the guys will teach you. It's all on the job training over the following months. Dog got to know many of the boxers she protected in the ring. I loved that. They reminded me a lot of the boys and young men that I met in the Bronx that awaited channel, whatever difficult circumstances they grew up in in the ring, and they all came from really awful circumstances. There was just so much compassion for each other. They were so open to connecting with. I think a lot of Sammy is a maternal figure, but the fighters were sometimes squeamish about being examined by female doctor, like the time when doll work the Curtis Stevens Marcus Premiera fight in July two thousand six. Curtis dealt Marcus low blow. Again. That was by accident, and it created this traumatic hernia and Marcus was crawling across the ring, screaming in agony, and it really reminded me of cancer patients and the kind of screaming that would here in the hospital when people were going through treatment or or dying. It was horrifying. The only way of his could be checked with the doctorate. His corner who happened to be me, checked him at the ring, but because woman he didn't want me to Marcus Premiera was given a five minute break by the referee. Premiera got up from the canvas and continued the fight. He knocked Stevens out in the eighth round..

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