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Welcome you back to Texas Motor Speedway. 10 laps remain in the NASCAR All Star race. It has not disappointed at all to this point, and the best is still yet to come with Just 10 more laps to go. You know, I think we're going to see fireworks before and after. The event before the checkered flag on the race track and perhaps after the event, by the way, real quick cars that came to pit road we're running outside of the top. 14 Harvick. McDowell Newman came to pit road, Tyler Reddick. Matt DiBenedetto and Austin Dillon. Those were the cars that took advantage of pit road being open. If you remember we said that the leaders stayed out those running 14th on back came to pit road. Well, we told you that the mandatory green flag four tires stop was going to net some team $100,000 Steve Post. Who is it? That team is the number 19 from Hendrick Motorsports. Nick Adele, the front tire changer. Chat ever had the rare changer Jared Aspirin for the tire carrier Tyler. Some key and the fueler. John. Gino tell he is they are $100,000. Richard right now down here as they did the pit Stop. It's amazing. And Alex. You know, you spend a lot of time on pit road down here. They knew when that car left that they were the fastest. They were high fiving. They were doing all kinds of good stuff, Alan, real quick. How about this per crew that you guys have the $100,000 tonight? Yeah. Great pit crew. We've got a great team. Super proud of those guys and all the effort they put in. So, Yeah, they're hitting their stride here. We've been getting better every week and certainly when 100,000 scrape but fitting into the lead from thirds Amazing, so Yeah. Ready. Go. How's the car? Good. Good. Helen Gaza said he is making his way back on the pit box down here in the middle of it. But how about that guys? Those crew members $100,000 the fastest pit crew here tonight in the All Star race, Steve, I think I can let you in on a little secret. Rusty Alex and I When that stopped took place. We also thought or knew that that was going to be the stop. All they needed to do is go back and make sure that all the lugs were tight. Real quick. How did they do that, Alex? Because With all of that going on. You wanted to make sure it was done properly. NASCAR doing that to the degree they absolutely do. It comes down to technology. Steve Post. You've been watching it take place. Technology in the All Star race to determine how that was made. Indeed, we have the timing from yellow light to yellow light, and that first off indicated that the nine car was the team that NASCAR officials needed to come to each of the tire changers on this team, Nick Odle and create and Chad Everett. They have cameras on their helmet. In fact, they have backup cameras. They came down. They took the videotape from the cameras of both of those They put it into a laptop computer, and they analyzed it to see that all of the lug nuts got on tightly and properly. They also looked at an overhead shot and looked at it. Also a lot of technical stuff down here to enforce the fact or too soon to verify to validate the fact that this team indeed did do a proper pit stop with all of the lug nuts off all of the lug nuts on That was validated. It was interesting to watch because the two NASCAR officials were standing here and one of the tire changers When they looked at his set. He got a thumbs up, and he got a high five from the crew. And when the second one did that NASCAR officials buttoned up their laptop. And then everybody celebrated down here, knowing they had won $100,000 as this crew for the Hendrick Motor Sports Napa team. Chase Elliott. Well, don't go to the bank. Yet. It could be worth $1.1 million by the time it's all said and done because Chase Elliott, maybe the man to beat, he'll have to beat his teammates. Are you ready? $1 Million on the line, 10 laps to get it done. No, I am ready. No doubt about that. I'm going to see who's ready on that front row. William by Iron Man. This kid was super fast before that caution flag come out. I'll tell you Chase l It's going to have a tiger on his tail with that guy. Absolutely is. Who's going to get the jump? They did have the opportunity to choose which Lane to restart in Chase. Elliott chose the outside William Byron will go to the inside of the front row. Row. Two will be Ryan Blaney and Kyle Larson. Then you've got Denny Hamlin, Brad Keselowski and Row three row number four will see Kurt Busch and Joey Logano. And it's cold Custer and Alex Bowman in Row five. That is your top 10 as we get set for the restart and $1 million on the line. Texas Motor Speedway All Star race 2021 the lights around the crowd on their feet. This is going to be a good one. Kip will take the Chevrolet Corvette Pace car to pit road green flag coming up shortly only green flag laps. Counting this one. They hit the Geico restart zone. Green flag is in the air 10 laps to go. $1 million. It's Kyle Larson shoving Chase Elliott on the outside lane. But Byron's got plenty of help. Elliott takes the advantage. He'll lead into turn one or three wide for second. Ryan Blaney dives to the bottom. He'll go to second. He wants the lead Ryan Lady with a spectacular move to the inside, and Elliot throws.

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