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And you each team goods to two point two agassi way players and caruso was awarded one of those contracts by joey bus who you know wrongs are south they laker so the great a great player for us some some with having our program for sure caspian los angeles route to joins a show ben lions and ramona shelburne we are talking all things lakers um this is from brian alvarez you see randall being resigned after his contract expires and saying with the team longterm oh tough question courier who of her whole cui are lakers fan good john gone and sugar cane were julius ramelan gone we've proved training body on so one of the one to call to action that magic when year remembered who is one of the things that's going to bring us back to a lakers championship is world class fitness an offseason training and i think of all the guys them in julius took the message to heart i mean you gotta go look at the photos he he walked into the gym even today and it's like oh my gosh this guy's on unbelievable shape and just the excitement that that i have and i think the coaching staff at majicavo around you know him from running render ram with alonzo on the other dart's pushing pace think this is going to be really had turning year for julius so um we're excited to see how he develops as a player ansett center this young core for sure a question some jerry your friend or jerry ellis i what timetable are you imagine giving your cells before you think you'll be and championship contention.

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