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Is not my show great bottom line is you know why they don't know why you know are in it. I mean a lot of do well. We know what the church is onto an initial for me to really have known or meet a eighty. This was really on on like i said online to today no matter what the situation is bus. That burke at your brother's insist is that a talk or you know what. I'm seeing us for the church or us wants. Is somebody else's grocery store because there's not an issue we gotta look at reality. Shake off those illusions lucia. So what you really think is hitting for said that they were still like are women yet we into the mid game and most of them still stand on a quarter with their kids. It's time for us it again. I am not professional. have paperwork. None of that added smearing nine ramsey on the quarter. We've thought you know. I'm talking from truth and this is my truth. You know what i'm saying like we it's time for us to step up in ocoee cuomo and y'all and y'all snack on me. I'm telling you women when i come marching through. Don't wanna look into your history like on your shit and taking it for granted. Their comfortable look how many women and lahser nobody black black woman wars. That's another promise. Easy way out our our are are we keep. We say african americans but we're not round people. We have the lowest birth rate right now every other nationality. Why does your birth control now worse. So it's august no learning. I'm learning again. I'm i'm not one essay f men twenty-eight-year-old at twenty six year. Old one is soft and one treatment. Like i didn't feel bad for. We need each other. You have to find the right person. Excuse me and obviously. I find that person real talk. Isn't it silently. You take time for yourself. You see something else in yourself and other people that you never saw five people. They will john relationships. You know what i mean by that. Is you know he was his monday. Broke up with him on friday with somebody else so saturday. There's no time for reflection you can't you have time for you for you to understand what you do versus what they did wrong and then reevaluate. What maybe i was being asked about this. And i didn't have to be and things like this. Were you know what. I'll lenient. And i should have been more right so i think so as you see her saying that. Your mind being by yourself because in this in this timeframe you are creating and developing the best version of yourself. Ever having a date but you also now as you're on his path right get immediately identify. Who's who's beneficial to pray. Who's not your child. We're letting our light now trying to say is not is not even like immediately you see that you feel that energy and again. It's not about bill families having kisses about the he's like you're supposed to be more and we're still be for that sexual energy that sexual you one connect that weight right okay. It you sleep villa. Somebody wouldn't you say well you know my daughter's this every day i trying to spend not this but i'm gonna keep telling them. Society is jimmy law definition of mayonnaise. The signing dennis is really not what may have you. because you'll go which thing everybody else likes they. You'll never be happy. You are always you're technically checks. All your job jobe with them and you'll be unhappy. He will realize rate from. You know we don't we something to build a bomb. You build a friendship. The little bitty arguments will have her phone but this is sex sex sex any might not. We might not have a conversation about that other person in your household. Little move to you know what winning making good over resume. She says you do your one day. She woke up one day as you turn around. Is there who do sending years and i said i woke up realized that i don't know nothing. Our guy is so. She says he was sold off by his sex day. The we was not to check inside so many years you grill. You realize how. Tom can't get back. Get out out but the media. These girls building necessite ati where it gives. Our girls are teaching our young girls watching it. It it really. Is it the music or is it. Other people allowing of at one point used it. You'd wanna but now they're on that they know was our Gravitate in our people not even realizing you gravitate to because deep down inside we're used it on rhythms. Were houston south. Does you know not not for sexual day. Not for in ourselves. Okay you will walk out of here in in this state more. Money than past four females a bunch before four females.

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