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Town and state boatswain's exciting story captioned dangerous resolution. Plans. A New Year's resolution to put the records deadly complications can develop and such is the background of this fast. Moving story of time trackers the began in a diner in the warehouse district of big tongue. As a young truck drivers talking to Vickie Mason, a waitress in the place. How about another Cup of coffee veins? No, thanks Vicky. Look, you ain't busy now. Listen a minute. I'm tired of listening to your promises. Van still sorry about semi that bubbles Dame there that I know I'm not jealous of that Hennion headed burlesque stripper. I know she's silky Martin's girl. And I know why you were out with her. All right why because silky is using her to soft soap into hustling trucks for why shouldn't I drive a truck for Sochi? Once in a while, he pays big dough more for one night's work on I could get a week wishing at ten ton of for a company how foot because there's something crooked about it or silky wouldn't pay you that kind of money, maybe so, but what's it matter as long as I don't do anything, but drive the truck because one of these nights, silky Martin's gonna pull a fast one, and you're going to be in the middle of a mess. Vicki's then you're one of the best drivers. And big town. You could get a job any place with good steady money every week and not get into trouble. I know Dan for your mother's sake and mine, she's worried frightened. Listen doing this for Maaseik. So she wanted to scrub flaws in office buildings for the rest of our lives. She doesn't want that kind of money van. What about you can get married quicken? Please van I don't want that kind of money or that kind of a marriage. Please. Okay. Honey that settles it I'm doing a job for Sochi tonight. But this'll be the last November, no quit now. I can't Vicki I promise you, but I'll make you promise to I'll make New Year's resolution to quit hustle and trucks for Sochi and get a regular job November. Please. I have a scared feeling something's going to happen quit now tonight. Candid. His sochi. Now, don't say anything. This is my last hall. My New Year's resolution on van Hello sake. Hello. What kind of New Year's resolutions that you love making? We were just talking about get married right after the new year. Oh, fun. Congrats me a Cup of Java righty cream and sugar with everything. Beautiful. I always take. Yes. Yes. I know everything you can lay your hands on for nothing. If they've done a bacne then. Wow. Asleep and don't let it cut yours. What's the job tonight? Southern for travel on a load of silk looks soak is this a hijack what you don't know. And a piece of pie. Sweet what kind lemon and keep your finger out of it? I don't like it. That's our. Very funny. I thought so look Shuki. This is my last job for. Yeah. Getting a regular job after tonight. Okay. How about getting started on this one? All right. Let's go get it done. You go out to Mike monks. He'll try me anway at a tick the note. Abby out as soon as I've had my pie and coffee. If I ever get said in this dump here, you've got it. I gotta go out combine take your home when you throw weight. The guy make a buck for you through. So for the torso. You're not funny silky punk weights. Spill my coffee come in mop up mop it up yourself with a napkin here. Do I go my head when I'm through telling you that I need van in my business, dirty business crooked business, my business and your the works. How you a good influence on that truck hustler, and that's bad for business. Gee, I'm glad because he's through with you after tonight. Through with them, baby. So you'll listen. Listening. I got a notion you've been listening to fan flapping his lip about my operations rackets and let go of my hand like baby, but cheap you a teeth shot. I won't have any left to go with that Kisaburo mouth of yours. Dirty dog. Excuse me, Mr. fellow. Elson? I thought you'd gone for the night, and I clean up. I have a lot of fun dispatches to check it come in anywhere close the door on those infernal and the journal.

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