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Also get linebacker Kyle van Noy four years fifty one million and edge rusher Shaq Lawson three years and thirty million Austin Hooper's now the NFL's highest paid tight end he goes to the Browns for years forty four million including reported twenty three million guaranteed Cleveland also websockets Wyman Jack Conklin and quarterback case Keenum the raiders have deals with quarterback Marcus Mariota and linebacker Nick which cow ski the eagles make Jayvon Hargrave the highest paid nose tackle in the league three years thirty nine million courter James Bradberry goes to the giants three years forty five million that includes thirty two million guaranteed defensive tackle Michael Brockers three years with the ravens for thirty million the Broncos at office of lime and Graham Glasgow four years forty four million Christian Kirksey goes the Packers tight end Jimmy Graham to the bears Randall Cobb the Texans the Niners keep safety Jimmie ward three years and twenty eight and a half million Jason Pierre Paul is staying with the box for two years other trades to tell you about the colts get defensive lineman deforest Buckner from the Niners for the thirteenth overall pick after losing Austin Hooper the falcons get tight end Hayden Hurst from the ravens for two draft picks players getting the franchise tag the cowboys dak Prescott the Titans Derrick Henry the chiefs Chris Jones the Bengals AJ green the patriots Joe Thuney the giants Leonard Williams meanwhile a memo from the NFL regarding the corona virus pandemic teams cannot meet in person with free agents OTA's have been postponed indefinitely and there will be no fans for the draft in Las Vegas which will still be April twenty third to the twenty fifth Major League Baseball opening days been pushed back in the mid may at the earliest that follows the CDC's recommendation that's restricting public events of more than fifty people for the next eight weeks the original postponement from the league was for two weeks and the Kentucky Derby will reportedly move from Saturday may second to Saturday September fifth I'm Brad Heller reach out to us on Twitter anytime our handle is at CBS sports radio America's hunter is on your favorite radio station though Pat McAfee show week days one to three on extra sports thirteen hundred you're listening to after hours with Amy Lawrence it's funny to me that people when they're trying to insult me or that whether try to tell me I'm not too good at what I do the same you just work overnight but are you what I love working this time slot it's awesome that we get to keep people company all over the country we have more stations cleared and listening and hearing the show around the country than any other show on the network I love the fact that we speak to so many people whether driving working whatever you're doing we're just thrilled that you choose to keep you company this is after hours with Amy Lawrence good morning to you often Adam if you're still in your regular routine or maybe you have extended hours there's a lot of grocery store employees.

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