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Knows really eat it. Maybe I know I've given up clearly because today I'm exhausted Thai. Which says a lot about the progression me through this week. Yeah so what? I'm trying to stave off like emptiness whiskey so we're GonNa do our best there. We go home. I'm still going to be anxious but I'll be anxious cows zone. We'RE NOT. We're not going to spend this whole episode. Talking about are are quarantining and self distances they cannot I. I hope you all are though. That's the last I'll say about it. I feel like it's our duty and also I would like to speak for all the years and say we're not like that stupid boy. They keep showing on the news. Like I don't care if I get Crowe. Nothing's going to stop me from partying. Because they're on spring break like everyone keeps face booking that all the boomers and are like this is the selfish generation. It's GONNA kill to be fair. They keep blaming. The millennials millennials. That's the thing that made. That's the thing that upsets me as I keep saying. Oh look at these millennial parties like hello. I have not been a young twenty something for over ten years like this. Yes it's not even millennials. They got the wrong rations. The Mo the millennials are out of jobs are trying to figure out what the heck they're going to do. They're not partying at the beach. Avocado toast over a fire at a garbage can. Yeah degen's ears have been kicked out of school where they would rather be ready just scrolling through thick talk depressed and that's well that's what the Gen xers are doing. That's I consider myself a lot. Closer to Gen-x. It's like we're just all at home going. We always knew this was coming back in the ninety S. We had lots of sad music about it. We were very angsty for this exact moment practice. We practiced this for a long time on. We Israel off your nihilism and your flannel. And let's be honest you've got the GIN's ears partying spring break. But you've got the boomers go into the mall so yeah and Walmart stealing finally going to Walmart Now I'm kidding. Hopefully all generations are staying home. Stay home stay home and listen to great music like what you have this week hearing us. We'll speak in speaking of our old Nineties grungy past. I'm going to talk about. It doesn't exactly grunge but It was one of my favorite bands problem. My favorite band of my teenage years And means means a lot to me. it was a I loved. Listen TO I haven't in a long time and because we were doing this I re listened to Verka Saul and man. It was good. I don't know why I stopped. It was good and it was I mean so okay. So for those either. Don't know or familiar with all the backstory of Rick Assault was It was a band that formed in Chicago in. Nineteen ninety-two basically The the two front women Nina Gordon. Louis Post. They were introduced by. Actually Lili Taylor like an actress. Pretty well known so. She was friends with both of them. Was like you two should meet and they met up and started kind of making music together. It was a little bit more singer Songwriter. And then Nina Gordon brought her Her Brother End Jim Shapiro. Who was kind of like one of those people that could play all the instruments but he never played drums. They like how about you played drums so he started playing drums like in this band for the first time. And then they added. Steve Lack as bassist And just kind of you know started like writing songs. Making music playing shows In the original format like I thought it was cool when I was reading about it like Louise and Nino would they. They didn't actually collaborate on songs like they would each bring songs the table and like Louise Sang the songs Louise wrote. Ne-near sang the songs that Nina wrote. And that's why you have like back and forth of lead vocals on. All of their albums is because they both like kind of just passed off the front woman. Job I like that. Yeah Yeah what'd you. What were your first before we kind of get into more of of the music and today I want you to be able to share like why Mitt so much to you what were your impressions of it. Riley. Because you never you'd never listen to this band before right. Never listened to them before. Did you recognize any of it? I mean this isn't like a dig. This genuinely my first thought because I did enjoy it and I listened to the whole album multiple times because we decide on this a few weeks ago. Yeah and I've listened throughout the these few weeks a few times It sounded very like just nineties movie soundtrack like like not entirely like punk but not pop like pop. Punk mix That you would hear like at the montage where the girls about to be like. Oh She's beautiful now and like they did. She gets the guy at the end like clueless like that. Kinda sure. I enjoyed it a lot but that was just. That was what it reminded me of I think that's tough. When you have something that like is genre defining or at least early genre you know I. I don't know if Rookus what would be considered on defining but it definitely is is an early example of a style of music that permeated. Yeah a time period. The nineties I it's hard because when you hear it for the first time many years later it will sound derivative to you. It will sound cliche like a million other things you've heard but that's because so many things have been patterned after it. It's it's hard to put yourself in a mindset where like all of music did not already sound that way you know it was I really enjoyed it mostly because it's the kind of music that I'd normally turn onto like right to order like crochet or whatever because it not that that would be hard core crocheting. I think he thinks it's a nice blend. And it all kind of all the songs like sound alike and you're just like you can kind of just like lose yourself in all the all the songs and new listen to multiple times and like here lyric. You didn't hear the first time or whatever like I know. I know it's a kind of music that I would I would turn on when I'm getting ready to go somewhere and invite to take away. Why do you think this ban in particular was so important new? Well you know. I remember the exact steps at it took for me to discover Rukh assault. IT WAS. This is so dated. It's it's amazing so I was a big fan of buffy. The Vampire slayer there was the episode. Where biff naked lucky played with naked. I would love to come back to. It was but it wasn't quite as impactful on me but I really loved naked at the same time period so I was yeah I into napster bit naked and yes that sentence. I know. That's like that's like that That challenge that goes online. That's like eight yourself. Without stating what year you were bored. I was trying to napster but with naked and through that Volcano Girls Somehow got suggested to me because obviously this so like fruit assault. They formed in ninety two They're big like their first album. Command ninety four eight arms to hold you. It's as the album that we're all focused on. That was the one that I was first introduced. You came out and I think Ninety seven and then they broke up ninety eight so by the time I was on to them. They had just broken up Yeah so it was. Kind of. After the fact but it was volcano. Girls was a song that I I heard through Napster rain at. I guess for me like at that time I was late middle school early high school like I was aware of like harder. Music like there is the riot girl. Movement was a thing that bit of things it's ninety s but that was a little intimidating and there was some thing about virk assault the balance between accessibility. But also like it wasn't the spice girls they weren't trying to say like yeah like best friends. We have power like Rupaul. Had like you know they were. They were angry. They were pissed off and they said they were confused and they were also also like yeah. We're all some but also. Oh no this breakup like they. They had that kind of energy that I was radiating at and it was it was an entry point into a lot like heavier music for me but because it had that those pop sensibilities. I could get on board as silly. You know thirteen fourteen year. Old Chair yeah no it. It definitely did because I was never I mean I like rock music. I like the LAMEST thing too. Is that the worst thing to say. Okay I like rock and roll no but like I don't mind music that's harder but I definitely I I do not enjoy quite as hard edges. I think sometimes you do tae and I always found Rukh assault to be like it it. It went right up to the edge like it was raw enough to go right up to the edge of that. And then it. Like was smoothed off. Just just nicely rounded off in a way that made it way more enjoyable for my taste. Yeah well you know it's funny because I know we'll talk about this band at some point but no one would ever. I don't think people would ever make this comparison but this is how my brain organizes things. It was a lot like weezer in that. They had this swag ARY like Kiss Guitar Situation. Like this rock and roll like just shredding at some points and then could back off into really catchy refrains and like relatable teenage topics and that really appealed to me at that time period so even though they do band sounded not really anything alike. They kind of had that same balanced to them that I just really dug and the and the unique ability for like melodic. Yelling is you know. That's that can never be appreciated enough. I feel like for my taste like I 'cause I am not usually I'm not a pro yelling person typically but but if it's melodic yelling that's a whole other thing. I think that's part of it that that I enjoyed so much was because it's it's not all the way rock screaming super like metal. Sorry stuff yeah But it's almost close to like not in the the subject matter and most of the songs like the melody but like The mix of voices you get like musical theater like the mix of like like the belting but then you got like the casual lake. Catchy stuff you've got the background parts. You got all the layers like it's very much like that where you have all these different layers and it's not just one note like a lot of Pop. Music is a lot of like all the way on the other end like Super Heavy. Heavy metal stuff as yeah. Well I think that Kinda hits on. I think the deeper reason that I loved Rupaul. And that's that there. Is this a lot of a lot of when you talk Rookus? You can't not talk about the break up and you can't not talk about the relationship between Louise Post Nina Gordon because it was tumultuous and powerful and Lake at the core of it what I think. A lot of people loved about their music..

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