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Twitter questions and there's a bunch of them perennial question asker. Jake wilson underscored had jake underscore for now on. Twitter has a three part question. We're gonna get to two of them right away. Is there a position with more legit depth than the defensive tackles so far on this team. So shadow jake. He just cheats. The system just asks like a handful of questions every every week so good for you. That's out out thinking the system. now. I think it's an interesting point. You know looking at the depth chart besides defensive. Tackle my my my position. I'd say guard in tear off divine. Maybe if you want to expand it to that you know and we all know that guard is super deep right now especially when you consider kyle long who's injured if he's factoring in that question that's really the But besides that the size of decent tackle. Let's say running back. Maybe i think one thing. You know darwin's gotta get a little love a little more love. He's the fourth running back right now. Pretty pretty Pretty obviously i would say because jerick mckinnon is played well and camp in. Darwin just missed so much with the kobe. Directions but you seen darwin. I went out to practice ever since he got back. He's running hills after practice. I mean i love that man. Darwin just seems like a super good guy. You wanna have on the team. it's just. He might get squeezed out but if he's your fourth running back i think that's a really deep group right there. So i'd say the only two groups that could rival the defense defensive tackles depth our guard and running back. What about you yeah. I think that's fair. I am excited about the defensive line rotation especially considering there was so much concern about the edge of the pass rush in the off season. They weren't great last year. There's a follow up question here from ethan emily. You travel barry on track berry on twitter. Will frank clark play the whole season or if not how many games will play. You know the the rotation at defensive line has taken a hit with some injuries clarken. Before both amiss some time in in previous seasons really adding jarran reed in there. And as good as chris. Jones looks and as good as josh canedo starting to even colin saunders is making waves and camp hershon warden as well. So there's a lot to be excited about on the defensive line Any concern about frank's availability. So far he's sure looks like he's in good shape and working hard. Yeah frank looks good to me and camp you know and last year frank didn't actually miss any games due to. His illness actually missed the second. Half of the chargers game due to that kind of stomach virus said he seems to get You know every once in a while every year seemed like he kind of goes through it But two thousand nineteen he actually. Did miss a stretch of games because of it. So it's always a possibility. But i think franks beefed up a little bit this off season so you know and and he's been not a durable person in terms of you know physically on the field. It's been that that illness kind of thing. But you know balkan up is going to help you with durability a little bit. So yeah i'd i'd say you know Suspension aside obviously we. I don't think we should expect it anymore. But I think franks gonna gonna play a good man of the season a lot of the season but that moves us. That moves us to Anthony hitchens his weight. Loss has been a story at training camp. He told reporters that he's worked on losing weight. So we can be more quick fast and that's important as a modern day linebacker but does that expand opportunities in like the dime or anything. I still think he's not someone you want to rely on in coverage. And when you have guys like willa gain nick bolton those guys should be put in those positions a little more than hitchens i would say that. So what do you think about that. Like in the past. If there was only one linebacker on the field they've always wanted to be hitchens and just given his knowledge of defense and the way he lines everybody up and they've always felt comfortable with sorenson or whoever else being that That quote unquote extra linebacker right. So i think him. Getting leaner and looking quicker doesn't hurt that at all. I think you're right though as gay. And nick bolton developed. There's a huge opportunity for them to to be three down Linebackers to be on the field all the time Maybe all in the that situation where the only linebacker on the field until proven otherwise. I think it's probably still hitchens with With a lot of hope and a lot of upside for young guys and hitchens you know at some point even if you lost a little weight you're still shoulder and you're still. You're still a little just not as quick and athletic fleet of foot as guys like will again nick bolton so that they are on dime defense were ben. Neiman has played a lot of the time and his in his career in kansas city. They need they need a low more at upside to me than hitchens but at the same time like you said his value has knowledge is his value is how knowledgeably of the defense. Ever pre-snap before the play lining up a defensive line and the dime defenseman. you know. that's what's gotten really shredded by you. Know when when opponents get jason of the defense they can really get stuff going on run. Obviously you're in a wider defense. But just in general. I think that's the chiefs of have rent out of a big plays and you know have gotten kinda shredded in their dime defense so if it can be in there and kind of help out with that instead of neiman kind of running. The show is in there that does give you a little give you a little more in your dime defense rather than you know neiman being on jigs third question really sets up the next twenty questions we got on twitter. I jake asked about the right tackle. Who have who. Would we be most confident in versus myles garrett and will there have to be some help from from kelsey and bell as as wingmen ron. There's a ton of offensive line questions coming up and and most of them on a certain theme so wanted to get your taking your thoughts on not only jake's question about right tackle but all the other questions we've got on the offensive line. Go ahead ron. Yeah so we can start at right. Tackle would would jags question. 'cause we mentioned a little earlier but yeah that's going to be a competition a very tough First week of competition for the offensive tackles going against myles garrett week one you know miles gary who debatable is the best edge. Pass rush in the entire..

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