War Chapel Ame Church, Laurence O'toole, President Trump discussed on Total Information PM with Mark Reardon, Carol Daniel & Chris Hrabe


By miller pro cpas and business advisers st louis catholic christian muslim and jewish leaders pushing for peace but there are things that need to be addressed before that happens the reverend karen anderson pastor at war chapel ame church says there can't be peace if there isn't justice and she's not seeing justice leskov what a kind of pay they said all of god's children matter to god every member that unsealed black lives matter we know that nothing really matters catholic christian muslim and jewish leaders of faith asked the crowd what they can do in their own lives to combat injustice which in turn will help lead to peace at cater plaza of steigman newsradio eleven twenty kmox right now those who gathered at that interfaith prayer service are walking down market to st louis city hall maher light a curse in this afternoon cancel town hall meetings that were due to take place tonight and thursday she will be speaking to the media briefly this afternoon and she did add that the police chief town hall for the search for new police cheap that event will still take place that is schedule four tomorrow interim singles police you've laurence o'toole on the mark levin show this afternoon drawing a distinction between daytime demonstrators and those who show up at night they have been peaceful and and i think it i think it it's not fair to try to to lump them all together the daytime demonstrators have been although the been disruptive they've been peaceful and nonviolent he says those who come at night turned into in his words a mob intent on violating the law you have left university chanting this afternoon the president's name that strobl during a protest graduate of webster and filmmaker christopher philip stream that live on facebook about a hundred students marched kmox news time four thirty four is there a ferguson effect were police pulled back from discretionary activities because of increased scrutiny and who study by a group of criminologist including former unso professor scott decker looked at traffic stops in a hundred in eighteen communities in missouri what we found was over a.

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