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Can't go out the whole summit about parenting or any of that stuff too young do you think so you think that's a fair thing got a seventy on attest to ground them i don't communicate with your friends outside of school and then he sent one text message or whatever and now he can't go out with all some that's athletes stream i don't think that i would parent like that but that's not my kid and i don't know what else he's doing i if it was just one taxi sent one text year what was the text about we're leaving that alone of course giving what does it say how stone one minute and twenty six twenty seven okay that's one hour one hour and twenty we've done a minute we did a minute on this podcast near what you said i said how much time done you said one minute okay cool all right well that's yeah that's the podcast the i've had such a wonderful time here with you always players that's right that's right baby like how special is that i told you i was in the kitchen i was like cleaning up and i was looking over at her playing in the living room and i was like i was making dinner i was like i in did our for my little baby girl impaired like it's just it's so special so cool when she says the french word all god's say weeds he goes we we retain when she says say thanks dang she has for food you go what are you saying she goes pre and give it to now you're saying she goes jank's dodger whole head like a bad commercial from the nineteen fifties secure thing ever anyways that's it beebe a messy bo coon happy cool perry of signal we had a great time and that's it and thank you once again to tom rhodes for letting me know about that party sorry or you just had the the pistachios mce room you gotta add those sandwiches i got i got the fucking jim bone of is or half of each and i got a same in one they're like punch the wall good fucking incredible all right that's the podcast oh i got to say it in french say keep forgetting how to say go fuck yourself i forget how to say his pro to fair on q lay i'll check on you on thursday to.

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