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Caller that I took before I had to go news and commercials and whatnot. His name was wrong. And he mentioned A mutual friend of ours. Mel Simon's I'm gonna be filling in for Dan Ray next week, Wednesday night, Thursday night and Friday night. Office times and radio to get guests But I achieved the impossible. I will have Mel. Came Meyer on next Wednesday. Next Thursday. I'm going to have on Chris Korman, who wrote a book about his dad, Harvey Korman. And as well, I've got Gary Summers and Dr Rhonda Good, Dale. They will be my guests for Thursday, a Christmas night. I will have one Bob wife. I said Chris Coleman. He will be on Christmas night, not Christmas Eve and Dean Johnson, former talk host here in BC and then the Morgan Show. That four days in a row. Frustrate you say you missed me. Here's your chance to make up for it. And Barbara Feldon is with me right now. Let's take Lisa in Boston. She has been holding for 11 minutes. Lisa. Hello. Hello, Morgan. Welcome back. Thank you. Oh, so And Barbara Feldon. I love you. Thank you have this show. But remember, that commercial you did wasn't a perfume commercial? No, it was four Top breast hairdressing for rev alone. And you rolled around in the leopard. On, um Battery Ken Drug testing room. Which is not very rude, you know, politically correct these days. You could never do that commercial today for sure. When in danger. Everything stood up. Everybody loved that. I said Jesus was this lady. You know you're fabulous. Okay, that was that was memorable. Oh, thank you so special so special that I could see it now my head. Well when everyone was Yeah. Tigers. You know who you are. Wow. I love everything. I wish you the best happy all the days. Thank you. I wish you the same. Are you staying in mostly staying safe? I work Oh, what do you do? I work in a liquor store that they don't go out of business. No, no, that's an essential, you know, Actually, I'm not afraid of it. I wouldn't get the flu shot either. That's my opinion. Okay? I wouldn't get all right where you wanted to say I'm always be open. And I'm always tells me I never get sick. Well, let's see you stays the same. You gotta get a good audiences smoked or anything like that. You know what I mean? I don't know. Yeah, explain. So you live in New York. I live in New York. Yeah, all right. All right, so happy to talk with you. I won't keep you but happy New Year everything. Please don't go yet. Barbara. Tell us about your book. Yeah. Yeah, I wrote this book called Living Alone in loving it a number of years ago. And it was, uh because I When I first lived alone, I didn't like the idea and then I grew to love it and I just wanted to share You know that experience and how you could make that interesting life And when this hit? I mean, I thought Oh, my God. Can I pry all that to what we're going through now? Because they was certainly not written for this kind of isolation. And that actually, I took my own good advice and reached out to friends through them and phoning and Um and I worked on a lot of projects and creative things, and I've really been just fine being, you know, being decisive lated. Chris. You in touch with people all the time working in the store your eye. But you have to get out. You have to get out and have fresh air. It just seems healthy and keep your weight down with you. I'm sure you do. And that Z. I do. I have a have a stationary bike and a rowing machine in which I use every day. So, Yeah, I've been getting plenty of exercise and vitamin D three. I take two or three a day 2000 units, each one and a. Yeah, That's not vitamin D D. Yeah, that's good. And in the end, you know big for you. I won't get sick. There's nobody around the except what I'm working and nobody gets sick. Well, there's a plastic Chic between you and customers True. Well, you have the plexiglass. You We all wear masks. You have to. You have to know we have to close at 9 30 instead of 11 because the governor, Baker said. I don't know what happens after 10. I know you, mark. Remember? I met you with Rex Trailer memorial to see right now on my wall. Of Rex is sitting and standing holding a microphone. All right. There's the is that photo I loved him. I loved him. I loved him already. Go to California with him at the time that I met you that time and I had a three Stooges on you said I like your shirt. Yeah, well, there you go. Yeah, I gotta let you go. So I get some other people's love you and I love Mel Simon's I met him. It's Paul Anka two years ago. Not the best one. The other one is gonna be on with me on the Dan ratio Next Wednesday night side. I know I heard you. I won't miss up. Try try to call in the other day they have the time. But I'll try to get earlier. Okay. All right. Thank you, Barbara so much. I love you. You're so special. Lovely talking to you. Happy holidays Who is next?.

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