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There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people to see if we could become something so when they needed us we could fight the battles they never could i'm here to talk to you about the adventure this this is now playing of ventures retrospective series adventures we'll be caller selves slightest heroes art of the now playing marvel comic movie series i guess that's why hosted by artie jacob is not a dude you're a two samatha ed stewart despite me dangerous so let's put on our mean faces what are you prepared to now playing podcast dot com we will be reviewing all the marvel cinematic universe luby's featuring the superheroes iron man i'm just not the hero type clearly the incredible hulk the war you call yourself florida thunder god of captain america up ant man the ultimate secret weapon guardians of the galaxy bunch of homes doctor strange heroes like the avengers protect the world from physical changes we saw the school mystically spiderman she pitcher basically in humans what are we what if i told you this place what people have powers like us city of adult black panther until about country runs around and a bulletproof cats and the ventures i have an army we have hope this podcast will contain detailed plot spoilers and mild language any good news listener discretion is advised good omen you're up.

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