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Point five jerry hill these teachers concerned about the security discussed as it with the students get suspended uh what do we do about the security what do we do about the security win even arms shooters show up at the skull hanging outside only i'll i you know what parkland floor uh as shown us so many things wrong with how we protect our schools i propose a special force federally funded school insecurity just like homeland security within homeland security do after nine one one they protected the airport's the focused on terrorism these guys would protect schools focus on school terrorism ryan's in princeton new jersey wanna 15 we think ryan i think i marion take the cops didn't go in to just stay at a thought about that how 'bout that one guy yes this is a word did begins with the letter p that comes to mind but let's go with coward on i graduated high school and think that people are trained they go through service they get paid salaries outside when it's like they're not experienced enough to do like the real thing you have one job at the school this is why you get to sit around and we can walk around the school with the gun is why you get the the doughnuts and look the monitors and all you have one job is there anything like this ever happens your job is to go in they stood outside grade reprehensible joe's in washington and new jersey to 145 he joe thanks for taking my call um i i i just want to say uh briefly there is a phenomenal system out there that can present this from happening you're never gonna stop shooters i mean if somebody wants to kill someone you're not gonna stop them these people can protests and stop you know trying to stop gun sales and such it's not going to happen must be real is fix there is a product out there that can stop this and help prevent the innocent death of people in every all your listeners out there please go online and just pull up seek the school in america it's a website it's been broadcast on nbc now for the.

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