Cuomo, President Trump, Daniel Wallace discussed on Sean Hannity


Trials suggesting they work together nearly all of my lupus patients have taken several myosin over the years without a single adverse event also there is consensus among lupus specialist that need talks about another drug may be a valuable tool in the fight against call the drug was taken by a block now you listen you're gonna whoever you everybody has to make their own decisions on these things but for those that are saying that this is reckless that this is dangerous that this is you know that it's our outrun proven it's it they are saying things that are just false according to all of the experts now I might tell you to take it nope I'm telling you to check with your doctor there's a reason the world is using it as it relates to covert nineteen and the whole world is using it and there's a reason that even in New York state of all places now county executives are begging Cuomo to end his hydroxy Cork when banned because he's forcing anybody that wants to get the medicine into the hospital system which you don't wanna over burden and if you don't have cold with nineteen before you go when the odds are much higher you have it when you leave the hospital and still he were even though the president is sending him millions of doses is hoarding it and forcing people into the hospital system it's ridiculous just like he has failed an epic level which will get into an even more detail today but this is something that you know if they tell you it's not safe I would prefer for me personally I listen to Daniel Wallace all as an a Dr oz who's talked to doctors all around the world and does it all day every day it's not the army of course we want clinical trials we don't have time for her to your clothes clinical trial and the effects are being chronicled all over the place it's no longer is he says even anecdotal it's way beyond that all right we'll get into more of the same Marriott confirmed a second data breach now in three years wow five point two million gas impacted they said they have no reason to believe payment data was stolen but they warn that names addresses phone numbers etcetera birthdates travel information were taken in this breach look someone's identity is stolen every two.

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