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Okay what if we were to go I figured or is it has two hundred thirty two views you've got a big family there okay that's a question for you yes the guy from Tampa we talk the guy from the temple vipers we said what advice would you give make man and there everybody else behind the scenes on something like this how do you make this thing this game more than just like yeah the XFL what is it that needs to be done in order to make this be taken seriously a couple of these guys got to make in the NFL despite Warner created NFL Europe just like Jake alone they're just like Jon Kitna there all those guys were out of football you don't even you are you without a football working for Paul Allen and he went Germany yeah a guy by the name of Damon Daymond man he works for you Billboard in Frankfort Germany Europe yeah those guys those guys made their mark they got back in the league and they became and and worst case a hall of Famer yeah so eventually that's what this league will need to develop that next player that makes it big in that that's right that guy developed in the XFL keep the thing going private and my last question could you if you wanted to make it in this league no not really go out there for one series Tom there for half of practice the girl kriti good we aren't field level it reminds me like when these guys get hit yes some of the clients over there are my all I would like to ask you when when you're doing that you don't think about it but now when you're watching those collisions it's a lot more fun to watch than that to be a part of a lesson Brock you're hurt anybody was out in the dry out in the parking lot here at Cairo when Russ Cimber said how hard you really throw the ball in the NFL and with that they went out into the parking lot and Brock make sure there were no cars in the background do you member this moment Brock oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah what was what was the play would twenty five Y. banana or something like that for rice comes out of the studio goes out the back and you unleash I and you end up causing nerve damage in his left arm yeah yeah yeah show off our moment reporter stable club basketball player.

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